Locational Intelligence - Simplified

Multi-Language Dynamics 365 based Geo Mapping Solution!

Analyze One-to-Many Relationships of Entity Record on Maps within Dynamics 365

Visualization of Dynamics CRM data on a map enables user to perform analysis of their data effectively. Plot Related Records feature introduced in the Jan Release of Maplytics has provided users the ability to perform in-depth analysis of a particular record on a map within Dynamics CRM/365. Previously, Maplytics provided the option to visualize where…
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Plot Related Records on a Map within Dynamics 365

In this digital age, businesses are shifting their focus to digital business solutions. Dynamics 365 is a preferred business application which helps organizations to accelerate their growth. Businesses around the world store their important data on Dynamics 365. One of the main functionality of Dynamics CRM is the ability to perform in-depth data analysis to…
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Territory Management made easy in Dynamics 365/CRM

Sales territory alignment is an important part of the sales strategy in any organization. It helps to significantly improve sales, optimally divide the workload among Sales Reps, reduce drive time, improve customer service, etc. To gain the maximum benefit out of their Sales territories, organizations keep re-evaluating and re-aligning sales territories on a regular basis.…
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Maplytics™ – A Multi-Language Mapping App for Dynamics 365

The latest release of Maplytics added multi-language compatibility that will allow users to use their favourite mapping solution for Dynamics CRM/365 in their preferred language! Maplytics currently supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish along with English as the default language. Maplytics auto detects the language of Dynamics 365/CRM and sets its own language auto-magically!…
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Save Search Criteria as a Template in Maplytics

Maplytics™ offers the ability to quickly search, find and map customers to target in a particular region within Dynamics CRM/365. However, very often users’ need to perform the same search every time they need to target customers based on specific parameters. For example, find all the accounts within 2 miles proximity (radius) of a particular…
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Search for Accounts or Leads in Dynamics 365 based on Travel Time

Field Service reps and Sales Persons on the go are often stuck in a situation where they want to find all the leads/accounts in the nearby area based on travel time. No one wants to arrive late to an appointment/service request with a customer. Maplytics Jan 2017 release has incorporated a new Time Based Search…
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