Working for The Little Old Dairy Co. as a senior Sales Executive made her happy. In a way, it was her family-owned company but she had built her career from down below. Rachel had started off as a mere cattle feeder/ cleaner and climbed up the ladder. Door-to-door sales was not a part of her job description. However, she had a special liking for field sales. Due to this, Rach had reserved two days a week to go around the city, her sales territory, and hold client meetings. One day she visited old clients for renewals, those who had certain problems, needed advice on increasing subscriptions, etc. and the other was reserved to crack new deals. Meeting clients face-to-face formed a bond for her.

On this day of her field service, Rach had completed 3 appointments since morning. All 3 had been as per the advance schedule plotted for the day. Though she knew the nook and cranny of Dubbo, her mobile phone and its trusted app of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM had been her shortcut providers in all situations. Rachel’s manager, Reem, used to plan her monthly schedule using Appointment Scheduling in Maplytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The planned schedule could be strengthened with optimized routes for Rach to follow for the month. These optimized routes were the shortest in terms of time and distance of travel, traffic-free, and avoided tolls, highways, bridges, etc.

At the offset of her travel day, Rach and Reem were in tune with her schedule, time of travel, distance of travel, time of breaks, buffer time slot, etc. Though Reem created and monitored the schedules and the corresponding routes from her office laptop, Rach used them on her mobile app. It was just so convenient for her. She could see the areas of congestion, any accidental sites, blocked roads, etc. in advance and the optimizer would redirect her route to safety. It was all just so cool.


Rachel was on her way to the fourth client of her day when she got a text from them. Due to a medical emergency, they had requested for the meeting to be held next week. “Ah! Ok”, Rachel grimaced. She looked around and turned into a café. She needed to think of an ad hoc action plan as she had almost made it to her canceled destination. “I am not going to waste my trip”, she thought to herself while settling in her high stool. Sipping on her coffee, she started checking her emails again. There was it, a mail from Food Works, a supermarket chain newly opened in Dubbo. They had expressed their interest in featuring the packaged milk from The Little Old Dairy Co. Rach checked their address. They did not seem far off. She immediately connected with their point of contact and fixed up a meeting in the next 90 minutes.

Rachel then opened Maplytics in her Dynamics app and brought up her plotted travel route. Swiftly, she changed her destination point from the postponed one to Food Works and realigned her travel route. Again, the fastest and shortest route got redirected for her on the magic app from her current location of cafe. Rach gulped down the remnants of her coffee and dashed off to Food Works to crack a deal. She pushed a quick message to inform Reem about the change in plan.


A week later while auditing the routes and schedules of her sales reps within Maplytics, Reem saw a distinction between Rachel’s proposed optimized path and the followed path of this particular day after the lunch break. She recollected a message and made a note to incorporate the postponed meeting of that day into Rach’s plan this week as an ad hoc inclusion to a planned schedule.

Like The Big Old Dairy Co., there are several small and medium-scale business owners whose businesses are growing each day with Maplytics, which eases the operations for the Field Sales and Field Service reps. Multiple large-scale enterprises across industries have also made Maplytics an integral part of their business model.

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