Successful Applications of Maplytics

A glimpse at how Maplytics has helped clients across industries with multiple features.

Success Stories

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Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund, the nonprofit society uses Maplytics to trace and plot the shelters that rescue the animals rendered homeless during the War and trace their needs for food, medicine, or other supplies.

Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund is a nonprofit society that consists of passionate animal lovers.


Alta Equipment Group Uses Maplytics As A Geo-Mapping Solution For Its Salespeople And Is Used To Optimize Their Commute Time And Daily Schedule

Alta owns and operates one of the largest integrated equipment dealership platforms in the U.S. Through its branch network, the Company sells, rents, and provides parts

Performance Brokerage Services

Performance Brokerage Services uses Radius Search feature of Maplytics to identify and plot the dealerships!

Performance Brokerage Services was able to derive locational insights of prospective businesses near their new dealerships with the Radius search feature of Maplytics.


Trefor, a utility company uses Maplytics to prevent their clients from a longer downtime!

Radius Search and Optimized Routing work up as a team to aid the Trefor group in spotting the affected stations and assigning the right technicians there, quickly


T-Grex uses Maplytics for personalized map views, travel route optimization, and more!

T-Grex wanted a hassle-free solution to establish easy navigation routes for their reps. They used the power of Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM to visualize records over map, plot optimized routes, search for places of interest nearby, and much more for their reps.

Strong Spas

Strong Spas uses Maplytics to Efficiently Schedule Service Calls with the Customers and Provide High-Quality Service

Strong Spas implemented Maplytics to efficiently schedule service calls for the customers. Whenever they received service tickets from their customers, they used Maplytics to assign the nearest technician to provide the service.


Data Sciences International used Maplytics to geographically visualize their CRM data, plan visits and provide mileage to their business activities

Data Sciences International used the capabilities of Maplytics for plotting, and visualizing data on map. Once the CRM records were plotted on a map, they performed the activities like route optimization, filter data, view travel time, etc. and much more.

Vert Bleu

Vert Bleu Uses Maplytics to Optimize Number of Visits by their Salesman and Improve Field Productivity

Vert Bleu implemented Maplytics as a solution to save time and improve their overall productivity. With multiple sales reps, they used Maplytics to optimize the number of visits made by their salesmen without any hassle.


LMC improved their on-field customer service times & gave a technology-fueled boost to their efficiency

LMC implemented Maplytics to find an efficient way to quickly visualize the distance between their customer and supplier locations. Once visualized, they also easily mapped the optimized routes and determined their travel time to each destination with just a few clicks.


NM&C Inc. saved countless number of hours with Mass Email feature of Maplytics

NM&C Inc. adapted to Maplytics for contacting the vendor base & has saved plethora of time by reducing the turn around time while contacting vendor base. It is equivalent to dollars figure in construction industry that the vendor provides on their bid.


Dental Traumatology Uses Maplytics to plot Large CRM Data on Map and find points of interest

Dental Traumatology wanted to understand the structure in a town or region very fast and establish a tooth rescue infrastructure. They utilized Maplytics to plot their large volume of Dynamics 365 CRM data on the map and started to geo-analyze it in just a few clicks.


DRK found Maplytics to be a great fit for their geo-analytical business requirements

The German Red Cross Assistance(DRK) has used Maplytics to map & plan approximately 2.3 Million KM of Ground transport within a year. That is equivalent to traveling 58 times around the World! Maplytics is a great fit for their geo-analytical business requirements.


ReEmployAbility is a big fan of Maplytics Auto Search on form load!

ReEmployAbility uses Maplytics Auto Search on form load feature, which has increased visibility with zero extra effort added measurable value in less than a week. Also made the search process faster & easier for users, saving hours of employee time each week.


SVMIC uses Maplytics to find near by customers with the help of Point of Interest Search (POI)

SVMIC chose Maplytics for plotting all the Dynamics 365 CRM records and seminar locations simultaneously on the map. The Radius search feature in Maplytics enabled SVMIC to easily plot professionals in 50 miles of the seminar location.

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