Locational Intelligence - Simplified

Multi-Language Dynamics 365 based Geo Mapping Solution!

Map Dynamics 365

Maps Dynamics CRM - By Location

By Location
An option to discover someone new by simply entering the location and setting the distance, data source as well as the category. The locations on the map are then differentiated through pushpins of different colors in Dynamics CRM.

By Region
An option that enables you to search and plot Dynamics CRM data on a map based on geographical areas like City, State, County, Postal Code or a Country. Every location can be spotlighted by setting the search criteria through the data source and the category.

Map Microsoft Dynamics CRM - By Region
Dynamics CRM Maps - By Drawing

By Drawing
An option which helps to search by drawing a rectangle or a circle of any radius. Besides, a freehand polygon simplifies the task of seeking… Yes, it’s a snap!

By Territory
An option that helps you to plot the CRM data on a map based on Sales Territories defined in Dynamics CRM. It can assist you with Territory management and analysis by plotting multiple territories together on a single screen of the map.

Territory management Dynamics CRM