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In this fast-paced digital landscape, organizations generate terabytes of business data every year. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a preferred CRM system for organizations around the world to gather, organize and analyze their business data. Having the ability to visualize CRM data on a map and further perform drill-down analysis with a powerful geo-analytical can help organizations to tap into the geographical aspect of their business data and gain insights that would not have been possible with conventional CRM features and tools. Maplytics is one of the leading Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) geo-analytical map visualization tool that helps businesses visualize their CRM data on a map with five search options.


Maps Dynamics CRM - By Location
Visualizing CRM data based on Location

Maplytics allow users to plot the data based on Location. Users can plot single or multiple entities and view combinations and further categorize the data based on the field attributes of the entity. The users can configure the field attributes categories and choose pushpin shape and color for each category. Users also have the option to perform Proximity/Radius Search based on Distance (single or multiple) and time to find nearby Dynamics CRM entity records in the defined radius.

Plotting and analyzing CRM data based on Region

Users can also search Dynamics CRM data on a map based on region. Maplytics provide users with the option to search Dynamics CRM data based on different geographical regions like City, State, County, Postal/Zip Code or Country. The users can then click on a region to get aggregated information of that region with Summary Card. The users can configure the field attributes information to be displayed on the Summary Card.

Map Microsoft Dynamics CRM - By Region
Dynamics CRM Maps - By Drawing
Drawing shapes on the map to search CRM data

Maplytics allow users to draw polygons on the map and search Dynamics CRM records that lie within the defined shapes. Using the category filter, users can further categorize the data based on the selected field attribute of the selected Dynamics CRM entity and further perform drill-down analysis. The users can either draw a single polygon or multiple and assign different fill and border colors for easy analysis. Also, the Summary Card further provides additional information about the CRM records in that shape.

Plotting Sales Territories with CRM records on the map

Maplytics is an apt tool for managing Sales Territories geographically in Dynamics CRM by providing the ability to create geographical boundaries (Geographies) for Sales Territories in Dynamics 365. Organizations can create multiple Geographies for a single territory and also can create Geographies in bulk by uploading an Excel file. The records can then be assigned the territories based on their location using the Maplytics Territory Assignment workflow. The organization can now balance and realign their sales territories, efficiently distribute the workload and get the most out of their Sales Territories, all within Dynamics 365.

Territory management Dynamics CRM