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Enhanced functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service with Integrated Maps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service has been the backbone of several Field Service Management Organizations over the years. Its unique features help in better organization, and management, reduce expenses, and increase overall productivity. These offerings can be further enhanced and simplified by integrating location-based intelligence using Maps. Maplytics offers seamless integration of Maps with the modules of Dynamics 365 for improved business processes and decision-making. Here is a journey to explore the various ways of enhancing Dynamics 365 Field Service with Maplytics

Conquer the Market with Effective Territory Management

Unbalanced sales territories can act as a stumbling block for the sales team to reach their targets. If a territory is under-resourced, then fewer prospects will be identified and if it is over-resourced, then the processing costs will rise for the organization. It is necessary to create well-balanced territories by considering factors like the workload of the Sales Reps, the number of high-value accounts, selling costs, etc. This e-book is an interesting collectible to explore territory demarcation, formation, aligning further, and applying territory management for an organization.

Maximizing your Field Presence

In the digital age, convenience has become king. Customers are heavily inclined towards businesses that prioritize customer needs and believe in customer satisfaction as a business virtue. In times like these, the importance and emphasis of in-person field sales cannot be understated. We explore why does Field Sales Matter, how does it affect your company, what is the core of successful field sales and how can you gain the winning edge.

Maximizing your Field services

The future is here, digitization has disrupted and challenged the traditional methods of on-site Field Service. Does this mean the demand for on-site service will slowly vanish? Quite the contrary, about 70% of customers still prefer on-site service when compared to video support! In this e-book, we explore the current scenario of field service, it's various transitions, technologies, future, and how it all boils down to some key insights every industry player must keep in mind moving forward.

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