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Sales Territory Management in Dynamics 365 CRM

Did Ken & Marie miss out on an award-winning important sales lead?

“This was an unprofessional situation that should not happen again”, Josh, the Sales Manager said solemnly. “Having healthy competition in onboarding new leads is fine. But no client should ever be missed in an internal conflict of who should own the lead”, he added looking sharply at Ken and Marie, responsible for the unfortunate situation.

Jumping on a colleague’s sales leads or assuming the other would take up an incoming lead are common occurrences in a sales team. It is mostly observed in multiple organizations without balanced territory segregation. One of the causes is the lack of visualization of regions geographically. So, does, segregating market regions into strict, balanced sales territories within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with assigned people in charge seem like a solution to avert such a crisis? Does Territory Management with Maplytics provide CRM users with a visualization aid to better manage their sales territories? Let’s find out!

Territory Management for Businesses!

Defining Sales Territories in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM by geo-analytical tool, Maplytics empowers Sales Managers to visualize the records efficiently, assign sales reps properly, and optimize day-to-day operations.

What does Maplytics offer?

Maplytics allows Managers to build optimal sales territories in MS Dynamics 365 for Sales Reps by plotting data straight on the map. This enables data-driven companies to expedite their business by analyzing the potency of their Geographies based on the area on the map giving seamless decision-making abilities of their data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

How does this help the users?

Creating Sales territories gives the user the power to view shapes/regions by uploading shape/excel files with organized records that can be plotted on a map to create territories. They can also view geographical areas by region, drawing toolbar, or by pre-created territories themselves.

Are the territories fixed?

Maplytics allows one to realign certain geographical areas to other territories or create new territories within Dynamics 365 CRM with a set of defined Geographies directly on the map. This selection can be done with a set of alignment tools that perform actions like select, deselect, select multiple territories, or delete them.

Territory Management

What’s more?

With our efforts at pushing smarter technology, one can even Auto Create and edit territories with Dynamics 365 CRM by simply setting the number of desired territories; the plotted data will be distributed into a balanced number of territories you had set. Further, users can even set names, colors, and users as managers for those territories. Also, there are no limits to reworking and optimizing your territories, you can save Draft territories and rework them until you are satisfied.

Cheers to some more added features

Further, one can plot and edit existing territories to get proper Territory distribution. Users can later also visualize within Dynamics 365 CRM, these sales territories and client records belonging to them on the map and more details on the summary card. Thus, MS Dynamics 365 Territory Mapping improves the Sales Team’s efficiency by building optimal territories using Maplytics.

Any visible results of using Territory Management?

Several organizations, big and small belonging to the Cosmetic, Construction, Production, etc. world have expanded globally. Their global markets have been safely divided into balanced territories using factors of choice. The sales reps do not clash with the leads and are responsible for the performance of their territories. The Managers can keep a close watch from afar and evaluate effectively.



With Maplytics, a territory mapping app you can easily create, manage and align sales territories within Dynamics 365 CRM. You can also assign these sales territories to sales reps.

Maplytics allows you to plot your shape file or excel file directly on map for Dynamics 365 CRM data. You can also create new territories or align existing ones easily.

Yes, Maplytics allows you to easily align required territories and balance the workload amongst sales reps.

With Maplytics you can perform Binary operations on the shapes, regions or territories plotted on map. You can further select the resultant shape and create a territory out of it.

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