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A successful organization is defined by how well their Sales and Service Territories are defined, aligned and balanced over time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers organizations with the native Sales Territories feature that lets them define Sales Territories within Dynamics 365. However, data-driven organizations need a better way to define and align their territories based on the geography of their market.

This is where a geo-analytical map visualization tool for Dynamics 365/Dynamics CRM, like Maplytics, comes into the picture. Maplytics takes the native Sales Territories feature in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to a whole new level by adding Geographies to them. With Maplytics, you can define multiple geographies for a single Territory either by drawing a shape on the map or defining the region type and values like Zip Codes, County, City, State or even Country.

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Maplytics also ships with a Territory Assignment Workflow that assigns the Dynamics CRM records to their specific territories by using their geo-coordinates. Organizations can also visualize their Sales Territories and the records belonging to them on the map within Dynamics CRM and perform multiple actions like Manage Territory to reassign the records to some other territory. Defining, visualizing and aligning Sales Territories within Dynamics 365 has never been easy.