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Avoid Traffic, Tolls, Highways, And Be Punctual For Your Meetings With Route Optimization. Avoid Wrong Turns, Backtracking, Be On Time And Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Clients


Route Optimization within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Jack is in trouble?

“O Jack, finally! Where are you, buddy? We were getting worried. Weren’t you supposed to reach that meeting location 30 minutes ago”, John, the Manager shuddered through the call. “I lost my track and could not find the meeting location, took a wrong turn, and had to backtrack 4 miles”, Jack replied, exasperated.

Imagine being Jack or John and having to face the client during or after this. How embarrassing would it be, right? What impression would it have on the client? Moreover, 30 important minutes of a scheduled meeting would be wasted.

Besides, if it is the very first meeting for pitching the product, sigh!

First impressions can make or break a deal! It cannot be feasible if the rep spends more time searching for a meeting venue than being in the meeting with the client.

Swooshes in Maplytics, the seamless integrator of maps and Dynamics CRM

Maplytics is the go-to map visualization app to avoid any such traumatizing situations and a lot more. Let’s see how! Finding the best route to visit customer locations is one of the fortes of the application. After all, Team Maplytics knows that reps like Jack need to be productive, not waste time backtracking, be punctual, and enjoy a work-life balance!

Reaching meetings and fulfilling all the above responsibilities becomes a cakewalk for the field reps when they are out on the field and need to navigate from one location to the other if provided with a sales route planner within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

The Geo-Analytical, geo-mapping module of Maplytics helps to optimize the travel routes between locations chosen for their visits, even when they are far from each other. An added plus is that the direction route maps thus achieved can be saved in Dynamics 365.

Adding multiple waypoints is also easy

What if Jack has to attend 5 meetings in a day within a tight time space?

The routes plotted offer a multi-stop inclusion of the provided waypoints and ensure coverage of every location within the shortest time period or the shortest travel distance. These routes come along with turn-by-turn navigation directions in Dynamics 365 CRM and can be used on Google Maps, Waze App, and Apple Maps.

‘Avoiding highways’ and ‘Avoiding toll’ are additional available filters for route mapping in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. These help route finders within Dynamics 365 CRM with optimized routes!

But what steps will John have to take to make this work smoothly?

Auto-Scheduling, the other feature of Maplytics, allows the choice of waypoints for travel and creates an optimized schedule on the map within Dynamics 365 CRM. This sets the base for enabling Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM route optimization. John can register the default preferences for the Auto Scheduling card in the Configuration detail records to proceed and plot an automated plan on the map for Jack.

This enables the transit through the schedule over days and keeps track of the appointments along with the ability to check in/check out for the meetings/appointments from the location itself. After creating the schedule on the map in Dynamics 365 John can attempt the Dynamics 365 route map and activities for the meetings, services, and resource booking can be catered to.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Route Optimization within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM thus, helps organizations with optimized travel routes toward meeting venues, turn-by-turn navigation directions at hand, being punctual for the meetings, saving time and fuel for the traveling rep, and overall maintaining a good relationship with the client.

Any visible results of using Route Optimization?

Maplytics user, ReEmployAbility has reported a cutdown of an average of 12 minutes per appointment travel, or approximately 16 hours per day, resulting in an operational savings of $6,000 per month.

Intriguing, eh? Check out the complete success story here and experience the awesomeness of our route-planning solution!



With Maplytics, you can easily find the best routes to reach your customer locations and utilize your time effectively. 

Yes, using ‘Route Optimization’ feature of Maplytics you can plot routes on maps for different mode of transports.

Yes, with Maplytics you can create optimized routes between locations of your choice irrespective of the distance.    

Yes, you can save optimized routes as a Dynamics 365 CRM activity, share it through email or simply print it for future reference.

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