Failed to create the first impression because your sales rep was late for the meeting scheduled with the customer? Spending more time in searching locations than the time spent while attending a face to face meeting with the client? If yes, then Maplytics is a map visualization app for your concerns, finding the best route to visit customer locations. After all, we know that he needs to achieve more without any backtracking.

It’s a cakewalk when your sales rep needs to navigate from one location to the other. This Geo-Analytics module helps to optimize route between locations of his choice even when they are far from each other. On the other hand, it could be a route across waypoints to ensure that every location is covered within the shortest time span. These routes can be followed using turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps and Waze App. ‘Avoiding highways’ and ‘Avoiding toll roads’ could just be another part of the game plan.

With Maplytics, it is exciting to know that routes can be plotted on a map by considering different modes of transport. This could be a drive down through the bustling city, moving from one location to the other by the available transit modes. With the ‘print’ option these optimized directions can be printed for future reference. Not only this, new functionality enables Dynamics 365 users to save optimized routes as a Dynamics CRM activity or can be shared with another user through an email.

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