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The journey of @ReEmployAbility with integrated maps within Dynamics 365 CRM!

@ReEmployAbility, a B2B Service Industry company, supporting Insurance Companies and Employers nationwide has been using Maplytics for 5+ years now and has streamlined daily operations, eased workload, saved employee work time, curbed expenses, and improved productivity.

Empowering Field Sales Team with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Maplytics helps businesses organize their field operations and activities, optimize travel routes for field representatives, accommodate ad hoc meeting requests on the go, allow on-field meeting check-ins and checkouts, etc.

Reduce Travel time and Fuel Costs for Your Field Services Team - Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Maplytics seamlessly integrates maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and enriches the value derived from the data based on geographical factors. It is a single-stop shop to boost productivity

Sales Territory Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM with Maplytics!

In this video, we will guide you on how to create territories using the alignment tools and auto-creation feature in Maplytics. We’ll also go over how to plot records using the search-by-territory feature and much more.

Territory management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – A quick introduction!

Maplytics is a Dynamics CRM Map Integration tool, that helps businesses reach qualified prospects faster and increase sales. With Maplytics as your Dynamics 365 territory mapping tool, organizations can rest assured that the teams are working as effectively as possible. 

Download and Activate Maplytics Trial - Get started with Maps Integration within Dynamics 365 CRM

Now Map Integration with Dynamics 365 is just a simple 2-step process and can be performed in 5 minutes. This video tutorial will guide you to install and activate Maplytics in Dynamics 365 from our website.

Maplytics on Mobile - Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse location data on fingertips for your Field Reps

Maplytics is the #1 geo-mapping app available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps) for Mobiles and Tablets.

Your favorite Maps Integration app Maplytics within the new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app!

We at Maplytics, a 5 starred Microsoft AppSource Preferred app, as a part of our commitment to provide the best sales experience and help sellers focus on their selling, have made Maplytics available on Dynamics 365 Sales mobile App as well.

Maplytics Prerequisites

In this video tutorial, we will guide you through the steps required to install and activate Maplytics in Dynamics 365 CRM using multiple methods and also other prerequisites that you need to know

Territory Management, Optimized Routing, Appointment Scheduling and more within Dynamics 365 CRM

Watch this on-demand MSDynamics World webinar to learn about Maplytics, the comprehensive multi-language geo-analytical mapping solution for Dynamics 365 CRM.

Plot Your Dynamics CRM Data

Maplytics help to plot of Dynamics 365 data on the map.

Maplytics™ Features Overview

Maplytics offers seamless mapping services with multiple features that allow valuable geographical data insights and an overall effective solution.

Maplytics on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App- Improved productivity, More sales!

With Maplytics on your Mobile/Tablet, you can visualize your Dynamics 365 CRM data on the map, plot multiple entities, use the category filter to further perform drill-down analysis.

Territory Management

This video explains one of its features “Territory Management”.

Maplytics™ Overview - (CRM + Maps)

Maplytics™ is a Geo-Analytics Module designed for Dynamics 365 CRM both on-premises as well as Online.

Appointment Planner

This video explains one of its features “Appointment Planning”.

How install and activate Maplytics

Installing and activating Maplytics is an incredibly simple process that takes less than five minutes and few clicks to complete.

Route Optimization

This video explains one of its features “Route Optimization”.

Within Dynamics 365 Mobile & Tablet App

Maplytics, your favorite mapping app now also works within Dynamics 365 APP for mobile and tablet.

Concentric Proximity Search

Maplytics allows to find Dynamics 365 records in multiple proximity distance from current location.

Maplytics™: Multi-Language Compatibility

Maplytics currently supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish along with English as the default language.

Build Targeted Marketing List

Maplytics allows Dynamics CRM users to build targeted marketing list in Dynamics CRM.

POI Search in Dynamics CRM

This video explains about one of its feature POI search which plots the nearby places on the click.

Heat Maps for Dynamics CRM

Heat Maps in Maplytics gives a graphical representation of Dynamics 365 CRM data.

Setup Entity Map in Maplytics

In this video, we will walk you through the process of mapping entities in MS CRM using Entity Map in Maplytics.

Create Maplytics Dashboards

This video explains about Dashboard feature of a well-known mapping solution for Dynamics CRM, Maplytics™.

Geocoding Custom/OOB Entities

This video explains about how to Geocode Custom/OOB Entities in Dynamics CRM/365 on a Map

Maplytics October 2018 Release

This video explains new features for Maplytics October 2018 Release.

Maplytics™ Overview (May Release)

This video explains overview about Maplytics for Dynamics 365 CRM users

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