Mobility across Devices

Use Maplytics across devices

With the field reps constantly on the move, connecting with them in case of appointment cancellations or ad-hoc new appointments gets difficult. But it won’t be so anymore with Maplytics available on your mobile, tablet, and other mobile devices.


Mobility Across Devices

Sales and Service Reps are always on the go and need crucial business data available to them always, at the tip of their fingers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets is a great companion for such on-the-go sales and service professionals as additional routing and geo-analytics can further enhance their productivity, networking, and work-life balance.

Mobility across Devices

Maplytics is one of the leading geo-analytical tools available within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets. Maplytics utilizes the new flexible and responsive UCI framework introduced with Dynamics 365 v9 and brings its visualization and analytical capabilities to mobile devices.

With Maplytics on the Dynamics 365 CRM App for Phones and Tablets, one can visualize the Dynamics CRM data on the map, envision Dynamics 365 CRM maps, plot multiple entities, use the category filter to further perform drill-down analysis, find nearby CRM records using Proximity/Radius Search based on time or distance, perform multiple proximity searches with Concentric Proximity Search, find nearby records along the route, and also create insightful Heat Map visualizations. With the powerful geo-analytical tool available at the fingertips, the possibilities are endless and they only need to be explored!



With Maplytics you can visualize your Dynamics 365 CRM data in Heat Maps.

Maplytics creates routes in Dynamics 365 CRM that can be followed using turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps and Waze App.

Maplytics offers seamless solution and full web capabilities on phone and tablet for Dynamics 365 CRM.

Maplytics supports both phone and tablet with which you can visualize your CRM data on map within the Maplytics app.

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