The Power of

Locational Intelligence

within Dynamics 365 CRM

A simplified multi-language geo-analytical solution for increased business productivity!


Maplytics is the most popular 5-star rated Preferred Geo-Mapping App available on Microsoft AppSource

Complete Compatibility

Compatible with Dynamics 365 v8.2 and above. These could be Online, On-Premises or Partner-hosted deployment.

Besides desktop and laptops, Maplytics is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Mobiles & Tablets.

Why Choose Maplytics

Top reasons why Maplytics is your perfect workmate for a smart and holistic Mapping solution


Increasing competition in the business has raised the demand for productivity tools, which enables their...


Targeted marketing along with Personalization and Localization are the two primary key metrics for Marketing...


For Sales Teams to ensure customer satisfaction in the territory, it is of utmost importance to...


As businesses grow, traveling expenses and time for the sales or service team increases as...


In the world of modern technology and data-driven business, a visual representation of data especially...


A well-structured and well-planned appointment schedule can lead you towards long terms success, growth, and...

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New Features

Real Time Tracking

One of the most powerful features of Maplytics is now extended to all the modules of CRM. Tracking the activities of the sales/service Reps is a demanding task for the managers. Real time tracking allows the Managers to track the movement of the Sales and Service Reps while they are on field in the real-time. The feature empowers the managers to effectively monitor the Field Reps as they can also view all the paths taken by the Reps in the past.

Multi Search in PCF

With PCF, users can perform Maplytics features on the CRM page itself. Maplytics January 2022 release allows users to perform multiple searches in PCF at the same time using various search criteria like by location, by region, and by drawing to view the resultant data together on the same map as layers. Users will also be able to locate the nearby records from different locations in PCF and hence view results for Multiple Proximities on a single map.

Multiple Address Plotting

Multiple Address feature allows the users to have a holistic view of the CRM records. Users can plot the CRM records based on multiple addresses present in the records. This feature aids them to visualize their CRM records on map that have presence in multiple locations. Moreover, among the multiple addresses of a CRM record, the users can also select the required address as their default address to plot the respective data on the map by default. 


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