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Maplytics™ is the most popular 5-star rated Preferred Geo-Mapping App available on Microsoft AppSource

Complete Compatibility

Maplytics is compatible with Dynamics 365 v8.2 and above across Online, On-Premises, or Partner-hosted deployment.

Besides desktops and laptops, Maplytics is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobiles & Tablets.

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Top reasons why Maplytics™ is your perfect workmate for a smart and holistic Mapping solution


Increasing competition in the business has raised the demand for productivity tools, which enables their...


Targeted marketing along with Personalization and Localization are the two primary key metrics for Marketing...


For Sales Teams to ensure customer satisfaction in the territory, it is of utmost importance to...


As businesses grow, traveling expenses and time for the sales or service team increases as...


In the world of modern technology and data-driven business, a visual representation of data especially...


A well-structured and well-planned appointment schedule can lead you towards long terms success, growth, and...

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Recent Additions

Smarter Maps Integration with Maplytics May 2023 Release!

Summers are a time to upgrade and reset. Team Maplytics has followed the trend with an epic upgrade in May 2023. With the new enhancements, the User can visualize data using support files within the ‘plot by drawing’ section. The advanced upgrades in the Area Of Service enable easy plotting and assigning of service areas. The User Interface of the Mobile App has a data grid that lists the records, and a search bar to search specific records and perform mass actions. The Lasso Tool within the Detail Map PCF Control makes data selection and operation easy. The Batch Processing Tool has a special arrangement to process the non-Geocoded records, there is an upgrade to the steps of Territory Assignment, and some more!

Maplytics Jan-Feb 2023 Release!

Team Maplytics is back with its New Year’s gift in the form of its latest release within Dynamics 365 CRM. The new release allows Maplytics users to Team up with Esri and access its ArcGIS Feature Layers for Overlay and Territory plotting. The layers can be used in real-time. The users can now enjoy a 3-dimensional Street View of the optimized routes plotted for travel and experience the convenience of navigation over mobile as well as within Individual Maps. The navigation links of the routes are now supported over Apple Maps as well, along with Google maps and Waze App. With this latest release, the automatically scheduled appointments can be viewed in an all-new avatar of the Auto-Scheduling Calendar, map section, and Trip Summary Panel. To be able to track actual and proposed travel routes is also a noteworthy addition.

View Category Donuts on Dashboards

One quick addition to Maplytics for effective data visualization for the Users is the Category Donuts view on the Dashboard. Users can now, view the categorized data in the form of donuts on the respective dashboards. Thus, if the Heat Maps are plotted for the Active Accounts based on the category of the Annual Revenue within the Dynamics 365 CRM, the donuts placed at the top of the Dashboard will represent the range-wise distribution of the Accounts in terms of the Annual Income they fall under. The User will hence be able to view the percentage of the total Active Accounts that fall under a particular range of Annual Revenue. This visual distinction can be viewed for any of the operations plotted on the Dashboard. Users can see the donut chart for the total percentage of appointments scheduled for the day, completed, pending, and so on the map within Dynamics 365 CRM.


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