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Convenient places such as gas stations, airports, etc. can be plotted around a place of interest while being on the go.

Nearby Places

Maplytics provides powerful visualization details of your Dynamics 365 CRM data. You can extract hidden geographical insights to provide a more detailed image of the geo-spatial aspect of your location. This locational intelligence empowers you to turn into a business expert who is adeptly skilled to manage their data on map. Maplytics enables a business user to visualize Dynamics 365 data on map thereby aligning them in direction of their business needs. This not only improves the understanding of their business goals, but also makes them capable to take profound informed decisions.

To visualize data on Dynamics CRM map optimally, Maplytics allows you to use it in a personalized manner. As you can plot multiple entities on map, color-coding is an option but wouldn’t it be optimal if you could use your own icons for pushpins to relate better and perform faster without having to check the colors every time you plot your data? Using Maplytics you have the option to personalize icons for pushpins for better UX. This provides ease of understanding, quicker decision making, better visualization on map and incredible insights!

Plotting your entire data on map is revolutionary however, this might not always be the case. Suppose you want to filter your data based on parameters like Warehouses, Industry, Active Leads or others, then plotting your entire data on map is of no use. Maplytics has a groundbreaking solution for it! You can categorize your data based on the attributes. Each attribute can be plotted in different colored pushpin for different Entities thereby enabling you to distinguish between the Entities. This is a tremendously useful feature that resolves a lot of business needs.

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