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Auto Scheduling

Route Optimization within Dynamics 365 CRM has enabled the Sales managers to allot routes to the field representatives. Maplytics takes routing to an advanced level by creating and saving optimized routes for scheduled appointments planned over a span of days/weeks within Dynamics 365 CRM.  is one of the highlights of Maplytics that aids users to plan their meeting schedules for day/s within Dynamics 365 CRM with their time of the meeting, break time, buffer time, etc. mapped in advance.

It also enables the reps and managers to view the routes on the map that are required to reach the meeting destination scheduled for the day. Visual representation of the route on the map is empowering for the stakeholder as it gives a more evident picture of the client meetings completed successfully.

Auto-Scheduling allows for plotting waypoints on the map and creating an optimized automated route. One can register the default preferences for the Auto Scheduling card in the Configuration detail records to proceed and plot an automated plan on the map. This enables the user to transit through the schedule over days and keeps track of the appointments along with the ability to Check-In/Check-Out for these meetings/appointments from the location itself. After creating the schedule on the map in Dynamics 365 the manager can create the routes and activities for appointments, services activities, and resource bookings.

When a manager is handling multiple field reps, it becomes troublesome trying to create, manage and maintain schedules for all of them manually and keep track in real-time. So, Auto Scheduling assists the Manager to plan schedules in Dynamics 365 for multiple reps at once. Handling schedules for multiple users is straightforward with each user having a separate route color assigned. Auto Scheduling is auto smart, one can set Advanced Preferences to consider the existing meetings of the field/sales reps and choose to either reschedule those meetings or add them to their optimized schedule on the map in Dynamics 365 and then create the schedule automatically based on preferences.


Yes, with auto-scheduling feature of Maplytics you can plan appointments over a span of days with optimized routes in CRM.

Yes, you can plan appointments for sales rep. With Maplytics appointment planner you can schedule appointment for a sales reps within Dynamics 365 CRM

Yes, with Maplytics you can perform auto scheduling to create a plan with appointment and routes automatically for a set of clients for your field professional to go and meet.

With Check-In facility provided by Maplytics the reps can register their arrival/departure at location of visit with Dynamics 365 data.

Geofencing ability of Maplytics restricts the reps to Check-In only when they are in a certain radius from location of visit in Dynamics 365 CRM.

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