Our routing capabilities within Dynamics 365 have enabled the Sales managers to allot routes to the field representatives. Maplytics takes routing to an advanced level by creating and saving optimized routes scheduled for appointments over a span of days within Dynamics 365 CRM. Auto-Scheduling enables the reps and manager to view the routes on map and plan meetings accordingly. Visual representation of route on the map is empowering for the stakeholder as it gives a more evident picture.

Auto-Scheduling allows plotting way points on the map and creating an optimized automated route. You can register your default preferences for the Auto Scheduling card in the Configuration detail records to proceed and plot an automated plan on the map. This enables you to transit through the schedule over days and keep track of the appointments along with the ability to Check-In/Check-Out for these meetings/appointments. After planning the schedule the manager can create the routes and activities for appointments, services activities and bookable resource bookings.

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