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Map Dynamics CRM - Radius Search

Proximity Search

Imagine your sales representative beginning his day on a hot sunny morning and is about to complete the first meeting. With the help of the ‘Proximity Search’ feature, he no longer needs to think much about where he needs to go next. A few clicks are all it takes to help him discover what’s near to his location.

Before he steps out to visit someone else, a quick search for nearby leads would actually save his time and enable him to target the right client. When your sales rep is aware of the market potential, he knows what it needs to put into action.

Radius Search
Dynamics CRM Maps Integration - Find Nearby Places

Fetching Dynamics CRM data is easy with Maplytics. Just define the radius in miles or kilometers with the current location as the center point, and Maplytics will plot all the Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities which can be further filtered based on the data source and categories within Dynamics CRM.