4 days to go…..!

Yep, the Microsoft Power Platform Conference or #MPPC23 is knocking on the door from The MGM Grand Conference Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The premium event shall be held from 3rd-5th Oct, 2023 and we cannot keep quiet.

This glorious event shall be followed by the CRMUG Summit, 2023, or #MySummitNA in Charlotte, North Carolina from October 15-20, 2023. This double bonanza is enticing our geeky technical senses and Team Inogic-Maplytics is eager to jump into it.

Aren’t you excited to join the festivities? Did you just say ‘not really’? You don’t think it’s worth the effort? You don’t think there is much to look forward to? If you are being serious right now, let me just transform your thinking with 5 vivid points.

Here are 5 glorious reasons why Inogic – Maplytics clients and Partners should be excited for and attend #MPPC23 and #MySummitNA

Reason 1: Registration Discount with special Inogic friend’s code

If the registration fees seem like too much of an investment on top of the flight tickets, we have a special friends’ discount for our clients and partners. You can follow the links and enjoy special discounts.

For #MPPC23, Register using our code INOGIC100 for a discount of $100 on registration. A quick registration link with the discount code auto-filled is- Quick Registration

Similarly, for #MySummitNA, Register and save 10% on your registration by using the INOGIC10 coupon code. A quick registration link with the discount code auto-filled is- Quick Registration

Save on Registration and join in the fun!

Reason 2: Experience a well-organized event with food, fun, and frolic

Both events are hosted by generous hosts in amazing regions. Hence, there is bound to be good food, fun, frolic, and joy. Our experience of CRMUG 2022 is still fresh and we are looking to enhance it this year.

Wine tastes better as it grows old. Pretty sure the events are gonna be bigger blockbusters with each passing year.

Food is a great conversation starter, don’t forget!

Reason 3: Community building, meeting like-minded people, sharing ideas

Rendezvous with people of similar interests always brings out a creative spark. With people working from various continents across the globe, in-person meet-ups do not happen that often. Thus, such conferences are an open opportunity to meet fellow technical enthusiasts, share ideas, work on collaborations, exchange pain points, discuss solutions, bond over opportunities, and a lot more!

Team Inogic Maplytics would be glad if our clients could meet us in person at our booth, tell us about their experiences, add invaluable suggestions, and help us grow to serve them better. Belonging to a community and feeling a part of it with people surrounding you is a different experience!

We look forward to interacting with you at these premier conferences! 

Register today and join us at

Booth #102 at #MPPC23 &

Booth #1429 at #MySummitNA

For setting up a 1:1 meeting, do get in touch with us at crm@inogic.com

Reason 4: Partner Solution Showcase of Maplytics, first looks of Maplytics feature update, and Inogic’s new apps – DeDupeD to Detect, Prevent, and Merge Any and All Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Records and WhatsApp4Dynamics integrating the popular WhatsApp Business with Dynamics 365 CRM

Like #MySummitNA 2022, Team Maplytics will be presenting the following at the Partner Solutions Showcase Session: –

Reinventing Maps for Dynamics 365 CRM/Field Service and Dataverse

Presented by: Roohi Shaikh, 10x MVP Business Applications & CEO, Inogic

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 │ Time: 11:00 AM EST | W204AB

It is highly inadvisable to miss out on an opportunity to learn more about the application from the creators themselves. The existing and potential users can ask the minutest of queries and the team will try resolving them with personalized use cases. The additions to Maplytics with the Fall 2023 Release shall also be presented at length.

Seriously, wouldn’t you want to praise the people behind the scenes or put-up complaints with the CEO? DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY!

Inogic’s 2023 presence comes accompanied by an introduction of two of our recent proud innovations, DeDupeD and WhatsApp4Dynamics which have been making news since the grand launch.

Join the fun ride of exploring the new additions

Reason 5: Explore Vegas & North Carolina

The locations for the conferences are exotic in themselves. There is plenty to explore in Las Vegas and North Carolina. There are hikes, museums, cafes, restaurants, and a lot more. Maplytics could actually be a good guide to explore the cities post the conference days. How about trekking in the Grand Canyons, visiting the art exhibitions, or exploring local food at local eateries? Isn’t it all tempting? One can find these interesting places nearby with POI Location, plan travel directions to them with Route Optimization, plan the visits with Auto Scheduling, and even invite a few nearby clients/ partners for meet-ups using Proximity Search. Optimum utilization of time!

Check out our blog post exploring the same in detail.

If these wonderful reasons are still not convincing enough to attend the conferences, write to us and we shall share a dozen more!

Hope to meet you all at

Booth #102 at #MPPC23 &

Booth #1429 at #MySummitNA

Until then,

Happy Prepping!