Your favorite app for map integration with Dynamics 365 CRM & PowerApps, Maplytics, is now a Preferred Solution on Microsoft Business Application marketplace AppSource. This adds to the credibility of Maplytics which is already Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD). With global transformation being the heart of technology, Maplytics comes up with constant releases to be in sync with the latest in market. It is known for its most popular features Territory Management, Appointment Planning, Radius Search, Optimized Routing, PCF Controls and Truck Routing in the Dynamics community.

With every release, we focus on enhancing these features to deliver maximum of their capabilities. We have already written countless blogs on these features but would again like to emphasize why you must have these features as a part of your business strategy. This blog is all about how Territory Management has contributed to the businesses spin up more profit with a spike in their ROI.

Over the years Maplytics has grown in volumes in terms of capabilities and features and Territory Management forms an integral part of it. It has not only been one of the most demanded features but has also been amongst the USPs of Maplytics. Let’s understand why Territory Management is a must have part of your business strategy:

  1. Even distribution of workload with geofenced boundaries: While the managers are distributing workload among their reps it often becomes challenging to assign records which are splattered on the map. To combat this, with the help of distribution of Sales Territories among the reps by Territory Management managers are able to assign a certain region to the reps who can concentrate on the area allotted on them and be a strategic enabler of business agility to acquire more customers. They can also view the performance of their market segment with the help of Census Data,.
  2. Alignment of territories: At times while the workload is distributed among the reps there is an uneven allotment of territories. To overcome this with the help of Territory Management in Dynamics 365 CRM territories can be aligned. This means that the larger territory can be reduced in area by moving one of the regions to another territory. This implies that there is an even work distribution among all Sales reps.
  3. Organized Work Structure: Usually when work is distributed among the Sales reps there is no formatted record of what region is handled by which rep. This leads to confusion and managers cannot track the performance of reps based on regions. With Territory Management proper regions (territories) are allotted to various reps therefore, making it easier to organize the work distribution and track revenue generated by each rep based on regions.
  4. Focused Performance: Since each rep has a dedicated territory to handle they can focus all their effort on the given territory and ensure the performance of that territory is up to the mark. This allows them to make plans and come up with devoted strategies that matches the behavior of the particular territory and thus extract maximum revenue out of the region. The performance analysis of a certain region can also be done using Heat Maps.
  5. Easy Training of team: Since the market segment in every territory behaves distinctly it is essential to be aware of what and how are the stakeholders that the reps are handling. For this it is essential to study the market and train the reps accordingly to be in sync with the behavioral aspect of the market. Once the reps are well versed with the audience they are dealing with they can deliver better plans and come up with strategies that enable them to acquire maximum sales for their organization.
  6. Marketing Campaigns: With territory distribution of market the managers can figure out which are the territories that do not have sufficient leads. To generate leads out of those territories proper marketing campaigns can be launched by which new leads can be generated. These leads can be pursued by the reps to increase the sales in those areas and therefore improve the overall performance of the territory.
  • Easy cross-selling: If a territory is owned by a rep, they can figure out strategies to cross-sell other products to the existing clients by fixing an appointment with them. This ensures that there is a sales of other products too to the existing client without having to generate leads for other products. An already existing client is more likely to purchase products from the rep than a new generated lead.

Thus, you have seen how with a perfectly planned Territory, Sales can be increased and the reps can be focused and perform much better. For any of your specific Territory Management requirements drop a mail at

You can also download Maplytics app for a FREE TRIAL of 15 days from our Website or Microsoft AppSource.

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