Route Optimization Dynamics CRM

Travelling to customers locations is by far the most time-consuming task for Sales & Service Professionals. By incorporating intelligent route planning & management applications in the sales & service workflow, an organization can witness a massive decrease in transit time and can significantly improve their sales and service team’s productivity!

However, if the route planning & management application takes up small chunks of time every time a user wants to add multiple locations to the route, the overall productivity is affected!

To help users be productive at every stage of route planning & optimization, we have added a new ‘Add to Route’ mass action in the Maplytics August 2017 Release!

How can ‘Add to Route’ Mass Action improve productivity?

Sales Reps have to handle multiple meetings every day. When Sales Reps starts the day, the first action they perform is to prioritize the meetings and then create an optimized route to handle those appointments in the most efficient way.

Previously, when the Sales Reps wanted to create a route for multiple data points, they would need to add those data points to the route individually.

With the addition of ‘Add to Route’ mass action, when Sales Reps plot their appointments for the day on a map within Dynamics 365, they can simply use the ‘Add to Route’ mass action and add the data points to the route simultaneously, in a single click.

Add Multiple Appointments to a Route in a Single Click

The user can further save and share the optimized routes with other users to enhance coordination and improve teamwork!

Maplytics™ is a comprehensive geospatial and analytical mapping app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that empower CRM users to understand and analyze the location aspect of Dynamics CRM data. Maplytics is one of the first multi-language mapping apps to achieve Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) distinction and seamlessly integrates Bing Maps with Dynamics CRM. Maplytics provides powerful features like Appointment Planner, Route Optimization, Heat Maps, Analytical Dashboards, Proximity Search, Territory Mapping & Realignment and more within Dynamics CRM to enable users to plot, plan and analyze their CRM data for extracting enhanced location-based business insights to make impactful & informed decisions.

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