We are pleased to welcome you all to the latest Maplytics Release, December 2020. In this release, we have focused on the needs of the management teams of organizations and have added powerful features and enhancements to facilitate them. These features will allow them to plan efficient and effective processes for their organizations easily and quickly. With the management being able to plan well-informed processes, all other users will be benefitted from having improved schedules and responsibilities for their profiles. Let’s have a quick glance at the additions done in this latest release.

Create territories automatically

With this release, users will now have the ability to create their territories automatically based on the count of records. Users can simply plot the required records and the regions for creating the territories, enter the number of territories to be created and run the territory operation. This will distribute the plotted records into the territories created so as to provide the desired number of balanced territories.

Maplytics September 2020 release features
Maplytics September 2020 release features

Draft territories

Users will now be able to save the territories as a draft. While working on territories with Territory Management, if users need to pause or take a break and rework on the same after some time, they can save their work done as draft territories before finalizing and creating territories in the CRM. Once they have plotted the draft territories again, they can rework it and choose to finalize and create the territories or save it again as a draft.

Maplytics September 2020 release features

Create automated schedules for multiple users

With the latest Auto scheduling feature, managers and admins can create an automated schedule for multiple users at once. The routes for different users will be shown in different colors on the map. They can also choose to show the routes planned for the selected days only to the required users.

Maplytics September 2020 release features

Detail Map Control

In the last release, we had added our four PCF controls among which one of the controls was the ‘Detail Map Control.’ It enabled the users to perform some of the Maplytics features like Proximity search, Route Optimisation, Categorisation and POI on the dataset page itself without switching to any map pages.

In this release, we have loaded the Detail Map Control with many more Maplytics features to be able to be performed within. With this release, users will be able to perform many more features like plotting multiple datasources, categorize multiple datasource based on respective attributes selected, plotting data by region or by drawing as well as plotting current GPS location as the current location on the map while using on Mobile.

Maplytics September 2020 release features

Provide selective access of Maplytics to teams/users

Earlier we introduced this new concept of providing selective access of Maplytics actions to users with the feature called ‘Security Template’. This feature allowed admins to create a template with selective actions enabled and then assign it to the required Maplytics users.

With this release, admins will be able to assign the template to many users at once by selecting multiple users or even the whole team that needs to be assigned with a template. They can also manage the users or teams to keep a track of which Maplytics features the respective user has access to.

Maplytics September 2020 release features

With these latest features added, users will be able to work efficiently to organize their sales or service territories as well as create automated schedules for their field reps to conduct meetings with the customers on time and hence meet their targets.

To unlock the full capabilities of these powerful new features, upgrade your Maplytics version to this latest Maplytics solution and enjoy the increased ease of use, management and efficiency while working on your CRM data.

If you want a real-time glimpse of what these new features are and how they can help your business, shoot us a quick email at crm@inogic.com to get a live demonstration of all the latest features.