Celebrate every success to get inspired not get complacent. Team Maplytics and Team Inogic have been successfully implementing this motto in their everyday work life since inception. After a humble start, the position of pride that Maplytics flaunts today has been possible because of the incessant efforts of our Team members, Partners, and our Clients.

Maplytics, today, is known for being the 5-star rated preferred app of the Microsoft AppSource which is popular and in-demand for seamless integration of Map with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. It started off as Dynamaps, an add-on for Dynamics 365 which was used as a store locator. This remarkable transformation from an add-on to being the first choice for a geo-mapping app was never a day’s job. It took cumulative efforts from all, saw various phases, and ultimately peaked successfully.

Every little success feels like a milestone when the efforts to achieve it have been heartfelt and genuine. One such laurel in the prestigious cap of Maplytics is the launch of the brand new Maplytics Website and the integration of the new logo. Yes, dear friends and well-wishers, we take this opportunity to present our all-new and upgraded Maplytics Website along with a revised, more meaningful logo.

The renewed Website is eye-catching, extremely easy to navigate, and user-friendly. It highlights accurate information about the product and advocates an easy understanding of its classic features among the viewers. The user interface is engaging and colorful with a pop of fresh new and young colors integrating the experienced old and the vibrant, creative new phase of the product and the brains behind it. With this new step, the Team vows to continue upgrading and uplifting the product and the service offered while being firmly rooted in its prime principles, clients, partners, and the ethics of doing business.

maplytics logo

The brand-new logo of Maplytics has a distinct significance to the improved and uplifted phase of the product. The globe at the left indicates the global presence of Maplytics and the services it offers across industries, functions, and brands. The little arrow at the bottom of the globe represents the colored, customizable pushpins that are used to visualize the global client records within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM on the Map, at the exact latitude and longitude with a simple click of a button. The unusual and noticeable placement of the dot at the end of the product name takes pride in stating that Maplytics is the ultimate, all-inclusive geo-mapping app that catches the wave of the power of Location Intelligence for all kinds of businesses with different kinds of requirements.

We at Inogic are on cloud nine for having conquered this milestone and wanted to share this happiness with our supporters, friends, and well-wishers throughout our journey. With this recharged zeal and enthusiasm, Team Maplytics confidently looks ahead at continuing to plan new goals, upscale the product along with its features, and engage and assist the clients and partners thoroughly.

For more details, do check out our website and let us know your thoughts on the same. You can also check out our Blogs, videos, and Success Stories for added insights. Thank You all and cheers to a brighter future awaiting all of us ahead!

Until then,
Happy Mapping!