Visualization of Dynamics CRM data on a map enables user to perform analysis of their data effectively. Plot Related Records feature introduced in the Jan Release of Maplytics has provided users the ability to perform in-depth analysis of a particular record on a map within Dynamics CRM/365.

Previously, Maplytics provided the option to visualize where the individual CRM record is placed on the world map to give you a geographical sense of location on the CRM record itself! To enable even better visualization of Dynamics CRM/365 data, Maplytics Jan 2017 release has extended the Plot Related Record feature to individual maps as well. Maplytics now supports the ability to visualize related relationships or one-to-many relationships, as we usually call it, of a particular record on the individual map of the respective entity record!

Suppose a user needs to plot the related addresses of a particular account on the map of a record for analysis. Now with Maplytics this can be done effortlessly enabling better visualization and in-depth analysis of a record without leaving the entity record!

Users can further use Relation option to plot multiple related relationships.

Analyze One-to-Many Relationships of Entity Record on Maps within Dynamics CRMFollow the steps mentioned below to configure Related Relationships on Dynamics CRM/365 Records using Maplytics:

  1. Navigate to Setting > Entity Map > Select Required Entity > Related Records Configuration
  2. Select desired relationship(s) to be plotted on map
  3. Use Analyze One-to-Many Relationships of Entity Record on Maps within Dynamics 365 following button to make a particular relationship as default relationship. Default relationship will get auto-plotted on map whenever user accesses that Dynamics CRM/365 entity record.
  4. Click on Save button on the “Plot Related Relationship List” grid as shown below:

Entity Record on Maps within Dynamics 365

Note:  If the entities do not have any defined relation between them then it is necessary to define the relationship first.


With Maplytics, users now have the ability to visualize related relationships on the individual map on the entity record within Dynamics CRM/365. This enable users to have enhanced insights about their Dynamics CRM/365 data for better decision making!