The success of any business feels incomplete without a token of appreciation from a happy client. It is like the salt in the food whose presence enhances all the other flavors automatically. At Maplytics, we are blessed with a lot of amazing clients who always give us our due and more, helping us to upgrade ourselves and help them better.

Here, is a clip from a recent Partner Event by Roohi Shaikh, CEO Inogic, showcasing a few of our clients, their requirements, and how successfully their favorite Maplytics – Maps integration within Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse has contributed to their businesses!

Let’s watch

To witness the entire conversation and to know about the journey of Maplytics, our partners, end-user benefits, special programs, etc. do watch the complete Partner Event on this link Webinar.

As we saw during the event, Partners form the backbone of our Business. When the output of the product gains praise from the client, the partners’ trust in the product and the services multiplies. For more such amazing success stories of Maplytics, check out our Success Stories.

The laurels in the cap are endless and they keep pushing Team Maplytics to perform better. If these success stories tempt you and your business too can relate to them, do download a free trial of Maplytics from our Website or from Microsoft Appsource to experience it first-hand. You can have a look at the Blogs, and our Video Library too. Do feel free to write to us with your mapping needs at

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