Dynamics CRM Mapping Sales Territories

Sales Managers evaluate the performance of the Sales Team based on whether the Sales Representatives are achieving the targets. If the Sales Reps assigned to multi-state territories are achieving or sometimes even exceeding the sales targets, the Sales Manager will be happy with their performance!

Although the Sales Reps are achieving the Sales Targets, the Sales Manager might not know;

  • How effectively are the Sales Reps managing their respective territories?
  • How far the Customers are located with respect to the Sales Rep? (Geographical reach of the territories)
  • Whether a particular region has more or fewer Sales Potential?

It’s hard for a Sales Manager to analyze these questions for big data on a spreadsheet. This is when a multi-dimensional, dynamic map comes into the picture that helps the Sales Manager and the team to visualize their Sales Territories on a map and also effectively manage their appointments, routes, and more sales related activities.

Just by looking at the territory map of the Sales Reps, the Sales Manager can get visual insights about the location of highly valuable Customers, Customer Density, and Demographic Spread of Customers. In some cases, the customers within ‘X’ miles radius of the Sales Reps are providing 90% revenue, and Sales Reps might not be visiting the customer located at a distant location in another State!

For instance, a Sales Rep who lives in Washington might be unable to cover all the Customers in the territory, starting from Seattle in Washington to Los Angles in California. The Sales Manager can quickly improvise and allocate other Sales Reps to tap the potential in the California State!

In addition to visualizing Prospects or Leads as a pin on the GIS Map (Geographic Information System), Sales Managers and Sales Reps can further visualize data like Revenue, Size, Products, and Last Bill Date for the Purchase.

Adding geographical aspect to the Sales Territories also makes the re-alignment of territories easy which would have otherwise taken few days to complete through spreadsheets!

Maplytics™ is one of the first geo-analytical mapping apps that is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365! It is also one of the most popular mapping apps for Dynamics 365 on Microsoft AppSource and offers a seamless integration with Bing Maps. Maplytics can empower Sales Managers to understand and efficiently align the Sales Territory by visualizing MS Dynamics CRM data on a map!

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Happy Mapping!