Community Summit, North America is just a few days away and it is the only topic active in the minds of most Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Community members. We are no different! Be it for the excitement of meeting our friends in person, creating promotional materials, ensuring the material is up-to-date, checking out the other arrangements, and so on! While collecting tricks and tips to make Inogic’s session a success, I stumbled upon this amazing and different type of article stating the myths surrounding attending the Community Session, 2022 in person after a compulsory hiatus of two years. The points were extremely simple but very effective and I agreed with all of them.

There were some common myths such as-

  • *  Myth #1– Online learning, though a good option, is not sufficient.
  • *  Myth #2– Attending the Session in person is a lot more expensive but it is a form of investment a company decides to make in order to gain knowledge, for future upliftment.
  • *  Myth #3– Also, it stated that attending the session for 4 days forced many employees to be out of the office, but again it was a one-time investment to de-complex the set process!

To me, these were absolutely valid and there were a few more!

Myth #4- Live Demos are the same as recorded Demos

It is a common thought that the live demos presented at the Partner Solution Programs are the same as the demos presented as a recording by the Product presenters. It is true that the main gist might remain the same, however, the recordings are sharp with strong scripts in place, and devoid of any additional info apart from the technicalities.

On the other hand, the live demos have certain nitty-gritty added that the presenter may remember on the spot and try and include the same. It may even happen that the presenter has been asked a certain question right before the Demo and they may think of including the solution while presenting.

Team Inogic, the Platinum Sponsor at the Community Summit will be present in person at booth 1334 for all the days of the Summit. Many clients and partners may visit the booth to find out the significance of the products of Inogic for their enterprise. In such a visit, if somebody asks about the significance of the multi-search option of Maplytics, our presenter, Roohi Shaikh may simply think of including it in-depth during her demo session on the 12th of Oct, which may not be presented in that personalized manner in the released pre-recorded session!

Hence, being at a place, at the right time is extremely important to be fully aware and in command of the situation or knowledge. So, do attend the Partner Solution Showcase session – Maps for Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse: Locational-Intelligence Engine – Radius-search, Routing, Appointment-Planning, Territory-Management, etc. on the 12th of Oct, 12:15 pm onwards, at Coastal 7- Convention Center

Myth #5- Online handouts are sufficient for Product understanding

During and post the live sessions, many handouts, and brochures are distributed by the presenter team. These have product details, additional information, QR codes, etc. that lead to additional information regarding the product. It makes understanding easier. These handouts are much different from those available online. These handouts are specially designed for live audiences and are not transferred online.

Thus, being present there not only gives the audience members a chance to get information at hand but also allows them a chance to get their queries clarified then and there on certain points mentioned in the handouts. Online queries often have a waiting period for mail exchange.

Apart from product-related, and educational handouts, the presenter teams also present the audiences with fun handouts. There are souvenirs, certain multi-functionality articles, bookmarks, calendars, T-shirts, etc. These too may turn out to be pretty useful and are missed out on, if the Summits are not attended in person.

Myth #6- Summits are only about Product display and presentation

The most common misconception among the members of the Tech community is that the Summits and Sessions are marketing grounds for product and service promotion. Promotions are a major part of the Summit but not the only part! It is an opportunity to meet the members of multiple teams, brainstorm new ideas, discover new markets, unknowingly find new opportunities for your enterprise, look and think beyond the scope of your business, expand your horizons, and a lot more!

These Summits actually show you the picture of the World and how huge a community you belong to. They are inspiring and push you to think big, grow, and achieve more! According to me, The Community Summit, NA is a playground of ideas and inspiration!

Myth #7- Summits are a place to listen

A funny myth regarding Summits has always been that one goes there to listen to what the Session Speakers have to say. So, if one has to listen, one can do it online as well, from the comfort of their office or home! But the actual plus of having the opportunity to visit a Summit and attend the Sessions in person is that your requirements and needs can be discussed with the product and services Teams. At Booth #1334, Team Inogic/ Maplytics shall be present in person and the business requirements, opportunities, setbacks, etc. of your enterprise or of your clients can be discussed 1:1.

Certain solutions for frequent problems, slow ROI, longer operational processes, etc. could be discussed and how Inogic 15+ preferred apps could be a perfect solution for the same could be brainstormed at length in these 1:1 sessions. I feel such opportunities also help you view your enterprise or your client from a different perspective and the product providers too can understand market requirements in detail which may help them in upgrading their products and services.

Myth #8- Offline Summits restrict schedule flexibility & movement

While attending sessions online, one can continue working simultaneously in the next window. However, at the Live Sessions, one has to be present at the venue all the time and listen to the information being given out, even if, it does not interest you. The second part is actually a myth as the Live Sessions today are also flexible. The Summits can be considered Work Vacations and the attendance can be extremely flexible.

With the session timings pre-scheduled with all the details provided, one can work around and be present for the sessions one is interested in. For instance, if you, as Dynamics 365 User are interested in the Maplytics Session, you can schedule your calendar to be present for the Session on the 12th, 12:15 onwards. You can, perhaps schedule a breakfast date with a few friends in the city and then return for the Session at 12 pm. You can also leave post the session, visit a nearby tourist place or attend a virtual work meeting, and be back for a 1:1 session at the company Booth!

Offline Summits introduce you to many like-minded people and you can plan short trips with them to common places of interest. It is also an excellent opportunity to catch up on some spa sessions or much-needed sleep!

I feel anybody can visualize the importance of Offline Summits with these path-breaking myths and definitely plan to attend this one. Feel free to write to us at for a 1:1 meeting, personalized Demos, or any other details. Looking forward to connecting back in person at Booth 1334.

Happy Planning and see you there IN PERSON!