Route planning is of utmost importance for business organizations to achieve their sales objectives. Manually planning routes of the Field Reps can consume hours. To overcome this obstacle, optimized routes can be created for Field Reps within a few seconds by making use of a Route Planning Solution in Dynamics 365 CRM. A multiple destination Route Planner in Dynamics 365 will equip the Sales and Service Reps with a complete and detailed sketch of all the routes for their appointments on a particular day. An optimized route will help the Reps to meet as many customers as possible in a day.

A route planner app can remarkably improve the productivity of the Field Sales and Field Service Team. Here are different ways in which a route planner app can be useful for Field Reps:

Get the Optimized Routes

Field Reps using manual routes to meet the clients waste a large portion of their valuable time due to traffic on roads. Dynamics CRM Route Optimization uses advanced algorithms to provide the most optimized route to Field Reps. This route planning solution gives multi-stop routes by considering time, direction, and distance optimization to ensure that the Field Reps complete the maximum number of appointments in a day.

Get the Optimized Routes

Flexible Routing

Field Reps can add an appointment from the field itself using a route planner. If an urgent meeting surfaces with a record in CRM, then a Field Rep can add an appointment in his existing route while on the go, and then the complete route will be rescheduled to include the new appointment. In addition, if a meeting with a client gets canceled or rescheduled due to some reason, then the Rep can fill that slot by scheduling an appointment with a nearby record and adding it to the original route.

Efficiently Plan the Field Activities

Sales Managers can plan the schedules of Field Reps well in advance with Route Planner in Dynamics 365 CRM. Further, as sales managers need to give special attention to some clients and prospects more than others; the managers can create a schedule for Field Reps with optimized routes for all the meetings with the required duration for each meeting. This will help the Reps to close more deals and reach their field sales targets. This results in ease of planning for the managers and helps them in efficiently manage the field resources.

Always Stay on Time

One can plot routes across waypoints using Sales Route Planner to confirm that every location is covered within the shortest time span. This helps the Field Reps to always stay on time for the client meetings. Further, the Reps also get the option of ‘Avoid tolls and Highways’ to avoid traffic while on the field.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Routing Management App within Dynamics 365 CRM can help the Sales Reps not to waste their time searching a client’s location. Sales Reps can view turn-by-turn navigation directions in the Waze App, Google Maps, or Apple Maps from their phones to reach the customer’s location at the scheduled time. Moreover, the Reps can navigate their assigned routes with live traffic updates and tracking tolls on the way using the Waze App.

Get the Optimized Routes 2

A Route Planner App can be highly advantageous for Field Reps to complete their daily targets. It increases the efficiency of the sales team and provides a high return on investment to the businesses. One can create an Optimized Route in Dynamics 365 by using Maplytics.

Maplytics is a geo-analytical mapping app that offers the best routing management within Dynamics 365 CRM for its customers. It can arm the Field Reps with all the above-mentioned features so that they perfectly utilize their time when they are out on the field. Further, a CRM user can save the optimized routes in Maplytics and thereafter share them with another user through an email. Apart from routing solutions, one can also try Maplytics for auto-scheduling, real-time tracking, territory management, and other mapping needs.

Download Maplytics from our website or Microsoft AppSource to get MS Dynamics 365 Route Planning Solution. You can also contact to check how Maplytics can help you to reach your business goals.