Sales Performance is vital for the growth of any business organization. Sales Team plays the most important role in enhancing the sales performance of an organization, as they know the most about the requirements of a customer.

Here are the four tips for the Sales Team to improve their sales performance:

Embrace the Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has completely changed the way in which a business operates and delivers value to customers. The changes in the digital landscape have also changed the way products are sold to the customers. Hence, Sales Persons must use the latest tools of digital transformation to stay updated, as they are the ones who sell the products to the customers. For example, Sales People can use Dynamics 365 Mobile CRM App to spend more time with key prospects and optimize their daily schedules.

Improve the Customer Experience

Customer Experience is nothing but the feelings and perceptions that a customer has about a business. It is rightly said that a brand is defined by the customer’s experience and a Sales Person can significantly contribute in improving it. Sales Team can use email-marketing strategy to keep a pulse on the customer experience. They can collect feedback of customers through emails and work on the areas that require improvement. Additionally, with email marketing one can send personalized emails to deliver targeted messages to an already interested audience.

Use Automation to Save Time and Money

Using automation for the sales processes can significantly save time and money. Route optimization is a type of automation that can be used by Sales Reps to find the optimal route so as to reach the locations of the customers. In addition, using Route Optimization will result in the saving of time and travel expenses for the Field Reps.

Analyze Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting is an in-depth report of how much business an organization will do in a given time frame. Sales forecasting helps the Sales Team to stay informed of the goals of an organization. It can help the Sales People to take smarter decisions to reach the targets of a company. Based on the sales forecasting, Sales People can make strategic plans to reach targets. Here it is worth mentioning that in CRM dashboards one can get broad overview of Dynamics 365 CRM data. The dashboard generally shows new leads and deals, sales pipelines and key performance indicators.

Maplytics, a local intelligence tool that integrates Maps with Dynamics 365 CRM, can greatly assist the Sales Team to enhance their sales performance. It allows the CRM users to visualize and analyse CRM data on a map. Hence, Sales Rep can visualize all the data of sales forecasting straight on a map. Users can also get customer insights at a glance through Maplytics Dashboards. In addition, with Maplytics, Sales Team can send personalized email to customers and work towards improving their experience. Moreover, Sales Reps can make the most effective use of time with Maplytics as it can provide the Optimal Route to visit the clients. They can also schedule appointments with the customers so that they are always on time.

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