Christmas is here and so are the days of joy, food, and laughter! So, how could Team Maplytics not wish our Clients and Partners on this amazing time in a unique manner? After all, we too have to continue our fabulous tradition!

2023 has been a year of Artificial Intelligence and Copilot through and through and Maplytics is all about Location Intelligence and geographies! So let us combine the two and make Merry this Christmas!

Christmas in woods

Christmas is associated with snow-clad mountains, pine trees, wooden cabins, and fire. We used Microsoft Designer to create a fun AI image of this scenario. The prompt used for this magic was simple-

A cozy holiday cabin surrounded by snow-covered pine trees, with a warm fireplace inside, festive decorations, and friends sharing stories and Christmas wishes, flat design

Feliz Navidad, Microsoft Designer style-

From Pixels and Locations to Presents

Christmas on the Beach

Though not the first visual, Christmas is also amazing on the beaches. Agreed there is no snow, but hey, there is Sand and it is equally beautiful. The clear skies and blue combined with splashing water are a way of caroling the night away, too.

We used Microsoft Clip Champ to create an amazing video with Christmas music in the background. We provided some AI-generated images of Christmas over the beach and Clip Champ created a video!

A few of the prompts used to generate the images were

  1. Christmas on Florida beach with Santa and the elves and a banner of Merry Christmas in the background
  2. Christmas under Sunny conditions on the beach
  3. Christmas party on the beach
  4. Christmas celebrations with family and friends without snow

Here is wishing Boldog Karácsonyt with Microsoft Clip Champ

Christmas Prep in Kitchen

There is a legend that goes that after the hectic pre-Christmas days when Santa is busy in his workshop day and night, he cooks Christmas pie in the kitchen for Mrs. Clause with his elves as a ‘Thank You’ gift for taking care of him and his elves.

We beckoned Picsart and its AI-generated GIFs to create this scene. The prompt for the same was-

Santa and elves baking a Christmas Pie in a decorated and light kitchen

Thus, it’s Buon Natale from a Picsart GIF from the kitchen

From Pixels and Locations to Presents

Christmas under Aurora

The phenomena of Aurora or Northern Lights is mesmerizing. It is observed strongly during the Winter when it is pitch-dark outside, especially in the regions near the poles. Imagine celebrating Christmas under these lights of nature! Well, we prompted Fotor to come to our rescue and gave this prompt-

Decorations for Christmas under Aurora

Voila! Here, it is! Wesołych Świąt

From Pixels and Locations to Presents

Christmas from the long-distance

Some cannot be with their family and friends during the holidays due to multiple reasons. They could communicate their wishes back home. Here is Bard helping with a little letter of joy and emotions!

From Pixels and Locations to Presents

Christmas at Inogic

Claymation is the sought after and Claymation Christmas has been a generation’s go-to series growing up! So, here are a few members of Team Inogic- Maplytics wishing you all Merry Christmas, Claymation style!

We created the avatars with Image Creator of Microsoft Designer giving specific prompts.

The prompt for one of our avatars was-

A Claymation image of a 30 years old, tall, dark, good-looking salesperson with dark trimmed facial hair in formal wear and shiny black shoes with a glowing Christmas tree in the background

Frohe Weihnachten from Team Maplytics

From Pixels and Locations to Presents

Do let us know how you like our wishes for 2023 and try out the fun Holiday celebration yourself. Tag us in your posts and let’s spread this AI Christmas Cheer more!!

To get more acquainted and experience Maplytics and its locational genius first-hand, write to To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

Until then,