Geo-analytics within Dynamics 365

Organizations around the world collect & process massive volumes of raw data every year. Analyzing this data can be remarkably helpful in making crucial business decisions. However, analyzing big data can be a complex and daunting task as the companies compete in a global marketplace.

Customer relationship management applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps businesses to store and analyze the raw data to improve their business processes. However, many organizations need to know where their customers & prospects are geographically. This is where Geo-analytics comes into the picture.

Why geo-analytics within Dynamics 365 matters?

According to a Forbes Insights article, 80% of all business data contains a location component, and it is critical to understand how location affects business. Geo-analytics provides a new context to Dynamics 365 data based on location to help companies perform geographical analysis of their business. Adding location context to Dynamics 365 data can help users to discover new insights, spot trends and provide a better experience to the customer.

Some of the immediate benefits a business can experience with geo-analytics within Dynamics 365 are as follows;

1. Understand the location aspect of Dynamics 365 data:

With geospatial analytics within Dynamics 365, organizations can utilize their geocoded CRM data to understand where their customers & prospects are to provide a seamless experience to customers across all touch points. By analyzing the location aspect of Dynamics 365 data, companies can quickly identify patterns to improve customer acquisition, optimize service experience and build long-lasting relationships.

2. Refine Sales, Service & Marketing initiatives:

Using geo-analytics, Sales Managers can streamline their sales processes by performing ad hoc analysis & monitoring team performance. Sales Managers can also use geo-analytics to manage territories, balance sales force distribution to enhance sales performance. Marketing Team can use geo-analytics for targeting customers & prospects by creating localized marketing campaigns to deliver contextually relevant messages and reach a larger audience base.

3. Ensure a high Return on Investment:

Geo-analytics allow organizations to analyze the location aspect of customer data and deliver service & messages that are anticipated, relevant & timely. With geo-analytics, companies can accurately analyze the location aspect of their business to optimize operations and effectively compete in gaining market share. By doing this, organizations can ensure a high return on their investments.

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Maplytics™ is a comprehensive multi-language geospatial and analytical app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Maplytics is one of the first geo-mapping solutions to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD). Maplytics helps businesses to plot, plan, and analyze their CRM data by seamlessly integrating Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 to provide actionable business insights. Its prominent features include Appointment Planning, Route Optimization, Radius Search, Territory Management, Shape File Integration, Area of Service, Heat Maps and Census Data visualization among others.

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