Maplytics, a preferred locational intelligence tool, has been continuously adding new features and enhancements to fulfill the mapping needs of business organizations. Adding another feather in the cap, the new release of Maplytics in January 2022 comes with the features- Route to a Record, Multi-search in PCF, Real-Time Tracking for all modules of CRM, Multi-Address Plotting, and many more. These features will help business organizations to perform a drill-down analysis of their CRM data. In this blog, we will see how the functionality of “Route to a record” is very beneficial to the Field Reps.

Field Reps come across a number of challenges every day when they go out to meet a client. Finding an optimal route to a client’s location is one of the obstacles they face when they are on the field. The “Route to a record” feature of January 2022 release of Maplytics can help the Reps to overcome this challenge. This feature will help Field Sales Reps to directly plot the route from their current location to a record’s location. With this feature, Sales Rep can easily find the most efficient way to reach a client’s location. Moreover, the route will be updated based on the GPS location. If the Sales Rep is on the move they can click on refresh to get the updated route with the updated current location. The map will show the optimized route for the Reps, thereby saving their time and money.

Maplytics users can experience this feature by navigating to record itself. As shown in the screenshot below, the example of an Account entity is taken. The user’s location will be represented by A on map, while the record’s location will be denoted by B, and also the optimized route from A to B is shown. Thereafter, the user can reach the client’s address by navigating that route. Moreover, the users get the information about the intensity of traffic on road from the directions card which can be used to save crucial time. Also, the users can add the tab of Route from Settings that will show this route on the map.

optimized route within Dynamics 365

Route to a Record feature will help Field reps to optimize outcome of the day while on the field. Apart from this feature, January 2022 release of Maplytics is packed with many other powerful features that will elevate your geo-mapping experience. For a demo of the new features and how they can be useful for your business, drop us a mail at You can also download Maplytics for a free trial of 15 days from our website or Microsoft Appsource.

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