Visualizing organizational data on map proves to be a win-win situation for any organization. Maplytics is a preferred app for Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps which allows its users to plot, plan and analyze the location aspect of data. With this visualization, businesses are able to take complex decisions easily and spearhead in the direction of extracting maximum revenue. One of the major ways to visualize this data is by locating nearby records in the click of a button. With Maplytics, users are able to locate their data in a certain radius or proximity from their required location and provide sales and service to their prospects seamlessly. Radius Search can be performed in two ways:

  1. By Distance
  2. By Time

Let’s drill down and understand why you should incorporate Radius Search as an integral part of your business strategy:

Locational Search

Suppose you are running a business that needs to meet customers on a daily basis. If your rep is on field and one of the appointment gets canceled then they will have spare time at their disposal. In such a scenario, the rep can attend another meeting by simply looking up for records in a certain vicinity. For this, they can search the customers in a certain radius and contact them if they are available decide upon which appointment they want to add to their route. This way they can add multiple appointments in a go.

Time Constraint

In case your reps are out for meetings and have some time left before the schedule is over they can look for nearby clients/prospects that lie in a certain travel time. This way they can attend those meetings and enable themselves to wind up as many meetings in a certain timespan as possible. This increases locational awareness and allows the reps the flexibility to meet certain meetings that lie close to their location in terms of traveling distance

Concentric Proximity Search

Many times when an organization is looking to launch a franchise to its existing business they research on where they already don’t have an extension. For this they need to perform concentric proximity search to make relative analysis of where they already have a branch and at what location there is a prospect to open another branch. They can also view their competitors’ location saved in CRM. This way they can view the line of sight distance between the prior branches and launch new franchise at preferred location keeping a standard distance between the various branches.

Launching Marketing Campaigns

With proximity search businesses can make out at what area maximum leads come from and target the marketing campaigns at that location. Suppose they plot a location and look for prospects around that location, if the number of leads is sufficient around that location they can simply launch a campaign and pursue maximum number of prospects.

Making Smart Decisions

With proximity search businesses can make smart decisions with regards to location. They can see the prior Accounts, Leads, Contacts and Opportunities and make out which would be the optimum location for their business closest to the prospects. This way they can hold surveys for a geographical region and instruct their reps and team to target the areas that are in best interest of their business.

Proximity Search has been quite in demand given its ability to simplify complex tasks of the businesses given its intuitive nature. Dynamics 365 CRM users are in awe of how easily it deals with locational intelligence and makes it possible for their reps to stay at top of their game.

Give this a try today, download Maplytics app for a free trial of 15 days from our Website or Microsoft AppSource.

Till then, Happy Mapping and Stay Safe!