It is a time of global crisis and people are maneuvering their way to bring optimal results for their organizations by staying safe and focusing on innovative methods for business. Although, the field reps are at a halt, despite that, businesses are flourishing given the kind of devotion and commitment people are displaying while working from home.

In this time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are in awe looking at the Dynamics/PowerApps community that has not stopped contributing its bit by being active and supportive towards each other to emerge triumphant of this phase. Motivated by the vigor of our users, peers and partners, we are propelled to contribute to the community with our rich webinar series that will spike up your learning graph with an in-depth insight into our utility apps that follow state-of-the-art technology and help you work on innovative methods to increase productivity.

Coming back, this blog is all about how productivity on maps can be enhanced in this period and make the businesses perform at their best possible model by being innovative.

Maplytics, a Preferred App on AppSource has taken the productivity of organizations notches further by letting them take their business data and mapping it on the map. With quick visualization, businesses can take decisions about complex scenarios and be on top of their performance. Let’s understand some few scenarios how healthcare industry and other businesses can take advantage using Maplytics in this crucial time:

Map Visualization

With the help of Heat Map, Census Data and Shape File visualization healthcare organizations can view where most of the cases are coming from and therefore invest more in those areas to recuperate the situation. By identifying the major affected areas, healthcare organizations are able to deploy doctors and nurses to those areas and also equip temporary rehabilitation centres where the patients can be kept in isolation.

How Dynamics 365 CRM and maps integration is assisting organizations in this time of pandemic

Tracking Areas of Service

Any person who exhibits the tiniest of symptoms of infection can be transferred to the nearest hospital or isolation centre by visualizing the nearby area of service around their location. This saves time and also ensures that the test is done in time to start with the medical procedures, therefore, mitigating the spread of virus.

How Dynamics 365 CRM and maps integration is assisting organizations in this time of pandemic

Beating the scenario with marketing campaigns

Financial services or other organizations are able to stay in touch with their marketing teams and improve the businesses by launching email or social media campaigns and using these platforms to generate leads for the businesses. These leads can be further pursued by the sales team and act as a pillar to get new leads while physical campaigning is not possible.

How Dynamics 365 CRM and maps integration is assisting organizations in this time of pandemic

Distant Communication

Businesses are working on innovative methods to maintain continuity. The sales reps can still pursue leads with video conferencing. With Appointment Planning schedule can be designed which can be met with making online calls. With the help of Check-In it can also be tracked that whether those appointments were attended or not.

Territory Management

With the help of allotting territories to the hospitals, the healthcare organizations can easily visualize which hospitals lie under which territory and make attempts to take the patients to those areas. Each ambulance can follow optimized route on map with shortest travel time and turn-by-turn navigation with Google Map or Waze App.

This offers better visualization and safeguards the even distribution of workload on the field professionals.

Therefore, you have seen how with Maplytics both healthcare professionals and financial services organizations can be benefitted and the effects of the pandemic are mitigated. The healthcare professionals can also use Maplytics for its optimized routing and therefore reduce the travel time between suspected patient’s locations to the hospitals.

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Stay Indoors, Stay Safe!