Sales are the driving force for any company’s growth. With a solid sales department, the entire organization has the necessary funds to function smoothly and allow room for innovation and improvements. However, there are some issues that can hinder productivity and create bottlenecks for your sales process.

In this blog, we look at such crucial sales problems and how you can solve them.

Non-automated or managed activities creating administrative overheads

Dynamics 365 CRM is a large solution and it can manage data to an extraordinary level. However, many organizations make the mistake of using the software for only its partial possibilities. With such technology at your fingertips, why should your salespeople spend time in creating invoices, calculating taxes, generating long manual reports, multiple sheets, and other such monotonous tasks? These all activities can be streamlined and automated with some good investments in addons.

Inogic’s 1-click productivity apps, tax and billing apps as well as many other productivity boosting apps offer you intelligent automation right within Dynamics 365 CRM/ PowerAppsand allows your sales department to focus on their core responsibilities.

Wasted time in non-converting leads          

This is one of the biggest bottlenecks to an organization’s growth. You have time, money, sales reps, CRM, but yet, you are failing to find the right customers! This problem can be easily solved.

When you are using map Dynamics 365, users can use geo-analysis to plot large amounts of data on the map and unlock insightful information about their ideal prospective clients and then approach them. They can use multiple categories to analyze data, use heat maps to get visualizations via data volumes, drill down or scale up territories and much more to get a 360 degree view of their customer. Better targeting means bullseye pitches and ultimately happy converted clients.

Falling short of sales bandwidth

Imagine that business is going good and out of nowhere there is a sudden spike in your leads, good news?! Not necessarily. A surge in lead can instantly put your entire sales force under pressure. This means the expectation increases and your reputation is immediately at stake. In moments like these, not being able to channel your sales people in absolutely the most effective way will lead to a big loss in opportunity.

Here is when the decision of using map Dynamics 365 can be mission-critical. Managers can use Territory Management and auto create territories to distribute the workload evenly throughout their agents. Once everyone knows their work, managers can create automated schedules to create roadmaps for multiple agents with optimized routes.

Inability to adapt to a changing field sales or service call

The nature of field sales has constant change as part of the job -canceled, rescheduled, postponed, and preponed meetings, all of this is a casual everyday occurrence. If this means your agent gets worried and starts to manually plan how to shift and accommodate everyone in their schedule, they are at a huge technological loss.

By using map Dynamics 365, your field agent can simply use Proximity Search to search nearby clients and reschedule a meeting with the one who is the closest. Users can also use Point of Interest to search for nearby places that are appropriate for meetings in real-time. Route optimization allows them to reach them using the shortest route. Check-in and check-out also allow managers to keep a track of their day.

The market belongs to the leaders who can identify their weaknesses and quickly turn it into their strengths. Maplytics (Maps integration with Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps) is available to such pioneers that seek to fix and conquer their sales challenges. Do not wait, start now, you can try Maplytics for free with our 15 days trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource (you will find our 5 star rating and Preferred Solution badge are testimonials to our claims). If you need a walkthrough of Maplytics, you can also mail us at

Until next time – Stay Safe and Start Eliminating your Sales Challenges!