Insurance is essential to safeguard life and Maplytics is essential to safeguard business growth. With Maplytics, we have gained substantial success in the insurance industry because of its features targeted towards client servicing and sales. Maplytics is a one stop field-service as well as an end-to-end field-sales solution. One of the most prominent features of this solution is Radius Search. The utility of this feature and the return of value our clients are rewarded using it holds immense value to us, it is also one reason for us being awarded a Preferred Solution badge on Microsoft Appsource.

We could talk about the business advantage of Maplytics and Radius Search for hours, but we prefer to let our client’s speak on our behalf, the following is a statement from Johnny D. Bolton, a Senior Business Analyst in SVMIC after their experience with our team and Maplytics:

“Very good tool, customer driven, and very responsive to questions and requests. Maplytics met our need for the radius/proximity searches.”

What about our customer service?

“The Inogic team was very responsive and easy to work with. They provided a trial solution and even provided an enhancement to make it work more efficiently with our large number of contacts.”

Let’s see how one of our clients from the insurance industry, SVMIC, used Maplytics Radius Search to find and target customers within fixed proximity to solve one of their most concerning business challenges. We’ll also show you what more SVMIC had to say about Maplytics at the end. But first,

Who is SVMIC and what do they do?

SVMIC protects, supports, and advocates for thousands of physicians and other healthcare providers across several areas of the United States (US). It is an organization founded in 1976 with a fiery vision to be the premier provider of medical professional liability insurance, education, and support in the healthcare markets.

SVMIC has so far connected with more than 40,000 professionals over the 40 years of their existence, with a culture that policyholder’s interest comes first.

Specialties: Risk Management, Insurance, Accounting.

What was their challenge in business?

SVMIC was conducting a seminar where they wanted to educate thousands of healthcare professionals in the minimum time possible. Therefore, they required an effective mapping and geo-analytical solution to target professionals within 50 miles’ proximity to the seminar.

The most pressing challenge in their words: “It was a tough and time consuming process to manually find and target professional in the vicinity of the seminar location.”

How did Maplytics help?

Our team of geo-mapping and geo-analysis experts had already predicted this business challenge in the market and built its Radius Search feature to serve as the perfect solution! We provided SVMIC with our powerful Radius Search feature which allowed them to plot all their CRM records of healthcare professionals and their seminar location as the center, simultaneously on the map, displaying the results in the most simple to understand visualization. This enabled SVMIC to easily plot and visualize professionals in the 50 miles of the seminar location on the Map. Talk about the perfect solution!

Time saved is money made, and SVMIC was able save significantly on money, time, and efforts by letting Maplytics do the heavy lifting for them.

Their final thoughts on the solution provided?

Maplytics runs natively inside Dynamics CRM, so the entire process is within Dynamics CRM. We are now looking at several other functionalities like route optimization, ability to overlay existing view, and find nearby points of interest (POI) location for possible sales opportunities.

Along with their positive feedback on the solution, SVMIC was impressed and drawn further to our other features like route optimization, overlaying existing views, and POI to find nearby points of interest, each of which is built to enhance sales and add value to businesses.

Just like SVMIC, Maplytics has helped numerous other clients across industries. From helping to transform re-employment to planning a complete view of the medical infrastructure worldwide, you can read more about all our success stories.

So as we end this client story, we prepare to write a new one together with you. If you would like to be featured as a business that has used Maplytics to soar to new business heights or you have a story where we helped you solve your business challenge, mail us at and share your story, we would love to hear it.

If you face a similar kind of challenge in the insurance industry or in any business vertical where an end-to-end field sales and service solution is needed, Maplytics is the ideal solution for you.

Here’s the best part, you don’t have to pay and make a commitment right away, we offer a free trial of 15 days to our future clients on our website and on Microsoft Appsource (check our ratings and reviews). If like SVMIC, you too would like to get this up for your business, schedule a free demo with us by sending a mail to

So till our next success story, this is Maplytics – finding business for your business!