“Fenty Beauty expanded its foundation shade range to 50 shades to include all types of skin tones”, Lisa shared an interesting article with Nina over Skype while hogging a bowl full of M&Ms. Nina had taken a lunch break from their latest Maplytics Session over WhatsApp. Looking at the ping she Skyped back, “Yep! It is a grand move. Finally, every color type feels included and thought for,” she reverted. While scanning the article, Nina retrospected a bit and typed out, “You know Lisa, our favorite app, Maplytics also supports inclusivity in its way.”

Lisa- Really? How?

Can we start session 3 so you can tell me about it?

Nina- Sure! I am almost done with my lunch, let us connect in 10 minutes.

Lisa- Done deal!

Lisa was catching up on Maplytics Online docs provided by Nina when her phone buzzed.

multi language

Nina- Maplytics, a preferred, 5-star rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows non-native English-speaking users to experience the powerful map visualization tool in their native language.

Lisa- Oh! So, does it support my native language of Portuguese?

Nina- Of course, it does.

Maplytics currently supports German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Dutch, Arabic, Polish, and Russian along with English as the default language and they keep adding more.

Lisa- That is 11 popular global languages.

Nina- That is correct!

Maplytics auto-detects the language of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application and sets the language automatically. Now, my CRM is in English, so, the language of my Maplytics is also English.

Multi-languageLisa- So, users belonging to 11 different countries can use Maplytics. That is so cool! There is scope for global business. A native of the USA can explore new markets in Spain as well.

Nina- Yes!
That is not all. Several users are extremely skilled in their work but aren’t well-versed in English. Such users can also use Maplytics in a language comfortable for them. A package of 11 languages ensures the inclusivity of the majority of the global population.

Lisa- This reminds me of a Turkish girl working in one of our teams. She is sweet and good at work. But due to the language and accent barrier, she finds it difficult to understand her Aussie Manager’s instructions. If she gets to use Maplytics, she can understand her job in Turkish while her Manager continues to use it in English!

Can the number of available languages be increased like Fenty Beauty accommodated more shades?

Nina- Yes, Liz!

Maplytics has prepared a general framework to expand the capabilities beyond the currently supported languages. With the general framework in place, it takes only a few weeks for the team to deliver the popular geo-mapping solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your preferred language!

Lisa- Indeed, the field reps would feel that they belong where they work, are taken care of, and would work more dedicatedly!

Nina- You know certain field reps use desktops in the office. They do not have laptops. Thus, when on the field, things get a little difficult for them.

Lisa- Oh ya! Can only imagine their plight. They must be carrying data in printed sheets and notes.

Nina- Maplytics caters to such hard-working reps as well with its feature of Mobility across Devices!

Lisa- Okay? How does it work?

Nina- It is easy! Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets is a great companion for on-the-go sales and service professionals. Maplytics is one of the leading geo-analytical tools available within it. Maplytics utilizes the new flexible and responsive UCI framework introduced with Dynamics 365 v9 and brings its visualization and analytical capabilities to mobile devices.

Across-devicesLisa- So, that means one can use Maplytics on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile phones as well?!

Nina- Yeah silly! And it accommodates Android and iOS both! The optimized routes that we discussed in our first session can be viewed in Google Maps, Waze Apps, and Apple Maps as well.

Lisa- Awesome! This like caters to every stratum of society too! I am making a presentation of all this to present to my manager. Maplytics is what I need!

Nina- I think we have discussed quite a lot today. Let us continue on Monday, perhaps?

Lisa- Sure Sure!

I’ll refer to their Website or the Microsoft AppSource for any quick query resolution or shall hop on to their BlogsClient Testimonials, or Video Library till then.

Until then,

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