If your business is growing globally, you need a global-ready Dynamics 365 application to improve the user adoption and achieve high ROI. Maplytics is a truly global app that supports multi-language compatibility. This allows non-native English speaking users to experience the powerful map visualization tool in their native language.

Maplytics auto-detects the language of your Dynamics 365 application and sets the language auto-matically. This allows the users to use their favorite mapping app for Dynamics CRM in their preferred language. Maplytics currently supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish along with English as the default language.

We have also prepared a general framework for Maplytics to expand the capabilities beyond the currently supported languages. With the general framework in place, it will take few weeks for us to deliver your favorite mapping solution for Dynamics 365 in your preferred language! Write to us at crm@inogic.com to suggest the languages you would like to be supported in Maplytics.

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