Multiple Language map Dynamics CRM

The latest release of Maplytics added multi-language compatibility that will allow users to use their favourite mapping solution for Dynamics CRM/365 in their preferred language! Maplytics currently supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish along with English as the default language. Maplytics auto detects the language of Dynamics 365/CRM and sets its own language auto-magically!

Multi-language compatibility will allow non-native English speaking users to benefit from the powerful visualization tool in their native language. Team Maplytics has worked day-in and day-out to prepare a general framework to expand the capabilities beyond the currently supported language. Dynamics 365 supports more than 45 languages and has a wide spread customer base in regions where people use the application in Chinese (PRC), Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Polish, Italian, etc. Maplytics aims to support all languages in the future and with the general framework in place, it will only take few weeks for Team Maplytics to deliver your favourite mapping tool for Dynamics CRM in your native language!

See the Multi-Language Dynamics CRM/365 and Bing Maps Integration solution in Action:

Maplytics™ is a comprehensive geo-analytical mapping solution for Dynamics 365/CRM. It empowers user to visualize their Dynamics CRM data on a map, find prospects in nearby region, use drive time capabilities and route optimization to handle multiple Appointments, get better ROI on Marketing Campaigns with targeted locational marketing lists, get regional sales analytics and real time data visualization through Heat Maps and Geo-analytical Dashboards and more.

With the addition of multi-language compatibility, Maplytics is now ready for businesses around the world to unlock locational intelligence within Dynamics CRM/365 in their preferred language!

Experience Maplytics in Your Preferred Language; Mapas dentro de Dynamics CRM en Español | Cartes dans Dynamics CRM en Français | Karten in Dynamics CRM auf Deutsch | Mapas dentro do Dynamics CRM em Português | Dynamics CRM içindeki haritalar Türkçe