In the fast-paced, ambitious world of today, content consumption has become a form of self-study. People listen to podcasts during exercising, attempt video tutorials while traveling, and even listen to therapy sessions while on the go. The lifestyle has evolved humans to multitask. Thus, the content consumed by such pacing humans should also be multiverse, multifaceted, and snackable. Snacking a lesson on Spanish speaking during breakfast sounds so tempting.

Maplytics- Location Intelligence Simplified!

With this changing world in view, Team Maplytics too has developed a video library that speaks about Maplytics, and gives an insight into its concept, features, applications, and so on!

If one is raw to the concept of Maplytics, a quick summary can be visualized here-

A detailed overview of what comprises Maplytics, a gist about its primary features, and its overall application can be viewed here-

One of the most flexible features of Maplytics is the fact that it is available at the fingertips i.e., Maplytics is compatible with Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, etc. A quick summary can be viewed here-

Some unique features of Maplytics have a broader scope and are detailed. One such feature is Territory Management. It can be explored in the following two videos-

– Quick View
– Detailed View

Any application can be explored well when used in a familiar environment on a familiar system. Thus, Maplytics supports the concept of a free trial. Maplytics can be downloaded for a 15-day free trial from our website or from Microsoft AppSource. The steps to it, the ease of doing it, and the prerequisites can all be explored in the video below-

Educative Webinars

Apart from the functionality, features, and operations, Maplytics offers longer videos of its monthly webinars. The sessions are longer and agenda-specific. Some Webinars talk about the new releases of Maplytics, some give an overview of the newer features, some are a summary of applications, and some concentrate on specific industries and requirements. The highlight of the Webinars are the live Demos by the presenter!

A few of the latest Webinar videos are as follows-

– Features of Maplytics with the case study of Logistics Industry

– Overview of some new and some bestselling features of Maplytics

– New additions and Updates as a part of the Jan 2023 Maplytics Release

Community and Maplytics

Team Inogic, the parent company of Maplytics, believes in community building to connect with like-minded CRM enthusiasts, developers, technology connoisseurs, etc. As a result, the Team marks its presence at numerous community events, summits, and sessions. As exchanging knowledge is a part of the Team’s motto, one can often find the team being a presenter at such events.

The latest presentations at such valued community events have been-

– Inogic, the Platinum Sponsor at Community Summit NA 2022. Here, a live Demo on Maplytics was given by the CEO of Inogic, Roohi Shaikh

– The entire experience has also been documented, visually, here-

– Maplytics was also represented at the Dynamics 365 CRM Power Community Bootcamp. An online session describing the product followed by a live demo was attended by many.

– The CEO of Inogic was also a part of the Partner Event hosted by 8x MVP Rick McCutcheon for a partner-focused panel discussion exploring the benefits of adopting an out-of-the-box geo-analytics package for Microsoft business applications

Info-taining Shorts

Following the trend and the associated viewer demand, Inogic has a dedicated section for Shorts. Many entertaining yet informative shorts on Maplytics are live for fun and educative purposes. A brief glimpse of the company culture is also up for viewing. Grab a snack and enjoy it here-

Maplytics YouTube Shorts

What’s More?

For more about Maplytics, hop on to the detailed BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess Stories, and Video Library. For further queries, requests, 15-day trial, personalized demo, or mapping troubles, do write to the team at

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