In this post, we will be exploring the new ‘Send Route Email’ feature from our Maplytics May 2021 release. Till now, we were providing information as ‘Waypoint A – Waypoint B, Waypoint B – Waypoint C’ and so on on the link along with the record name and its addresses. On clicking that link, it redirects to the respective map mode. But now in addition to it, users can see more detailed information of waypoint record in the email itself.

Let’s see how to configure the Send Route Email. Follow Below Steps:

Maplytics App> Settings> Entity Maps> Account> Advanced Settings> Route Email Configuration

Send Route Email optionHere you can configure upto four attributes in Route Email Configuration.

Note: Attributes that are already configured in Attribute Mapping will not allow configuring in Route Email Configuration. Only System Admin or Maplytics Admin can configure the Email Route Configuration.

Once you have configured the attributes in Route Email Configuration, you can see those in Send Route Email template with respective values.

For example, we have configured Annual Revenue, Industry, Primary Contact, and Relationship Type attributes in Route Email Configuration and created a route with Account records as waypoints. Once a route is created and plotted on the map, user clicks on Send Route Email button to create an email.

Without opening the record user can see the detailed info of the record from the email itself.

New Send Route Email option

New Send Route Email optionIt will be redirected to the email record in the new tab. From here, you can see the details of Account records which are on route as waypoints. It will display in template format as Title attribute, Addresses, Route Links, and configured attributes as shown below.

New Send Route Email optionNote: Email Route Configuration works for both OOB, Activity, and Custom entities.

In this way, users can send informative route emails using Maplytics with Dynamics 365.

In this new release, with all these features, we have further increased the productivity of Field Sales and Field Service users along with managers with increased efficiency of Maplytics features to facilitate users in their analysis and decision making.

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