An all-time important task for a sales person is to manage time properly so as to meet all the appointments in time, Maplytics Appointment Planner has been quite an helpful feature for sales team as well as service reps. With addition of Add to Route feature this is now become more user friendly. To complement your Appointment Planning activities Maplytics provides an efficient function for this which is “POI” that stands for Point of interest. This gives a directory of geo-tagged Bing mapped locations in the nearby area which helps the user to find desired places along with the information about the same.

Let us now understand how POI will help a sales person into different situations.

Appointment planning:

In the real world not everything goes as planned. In case of any urgent appointment that is not planned and also very far from the current route of a sales person, he can easily use Maplytics to add the new appointment to his plan of the day using the Add to Route feature we discussed above. With Point of Interest function he can see the location of the nearest parking, park his vehicle and further search for nearest public transport like train station or a bus station and can reach to the desired destination without wasting anytime. That’s not it, depending on your needs you can find nearest coffee shop, airport, gas station and many other relevant places so you can plan your meeting place at the most optimum location all this within your Dynamics CRM on Maps.


Opportunities on the go:

A sales person can also use Maplytics to grab new opportunities open on his way. For an instance if he is on his route and is in an area of the targeted segment. He can now use the POI to get the information of the prospects depending on the product/service available in that area ex. restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores or a school, approach them and add more to his targets. Likewise he can also search for relevant exhibitions open in the nearby areas to make some more contacts and awareness of the product/service among the prospect industry people.

Adding some extras:

Along with the sales, marketing is another pillar of any organisation. The sales person can search for the targeted segment areas like department stores, auto dealerships and even hamlets. He can complete many of the BTL activities like distributing pamphlets or door to door selling in the areas with targeted demographics. He can also perform surveys in such areas which can be further used to monitor the business performance and to verify various hypothesis made regarding the sales.


Using Maplytics a sales person is able to meet all his deadlines, complete his assigned tasks and can even perform more than expected. Click here to know more about routing and appointment planning with Maplytics within your MS CRM.
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