Workflow in Dynamics CRM is one of the most important tool for business professionals. One can simply create a workflow and automate a whole process. This saves time and makes the system more efficient. Understanding the importance of the workflows, Maplytics has made it possible to view data on a map, analyze it and run workflows on the plotted records from the map itself.

With the latest release of Maplytics, one can run a workflow on an individual Dynamics CRM record from the map itself. Let’s understand this in detail with a business use case.

Adam has recently opened a branch of his business in a new area. He had the data for the leads in the same area but since his previous branches were far away, many of the leads belonging to that area couldn’t get converted and ultimately had to be turned inactive. Now that he has opened a new branch here he wants to activate the accounts that were deactivated and wants to approach the new accounts as well as the deactivated accounts in the area for their services.

Let’s plot the account records Adam has for the area. The screenshot below shows all the accounts plotted in the area. The green color pushpins represent the inactive accounts and the blue pushpins represent the active accounts.

Map Dynamics CRMIf he clicks on any of the leads a tooltip card opens for the record which shows the information of the record and the actions that can be performed over the record.

With the latest release, a new tooltip action has been added to the card. This is an action that helps you to run workflow on an individual record.

Map Dynamics CRM1This action helps to open the list of on-demand workflows that are available in Dynamics CRM. Adam has created a test workflow to activate the inactivate records and also to change a custom field ‘status’ as ‘Approach immediately’. Now Adam can click on the workflow action button and it will give the list of all the on-demand workflows that are available.

Map Dynamics CRMHe can simply select the test workflow and run it on the individual record. Likewise, he can run workflow on all the required records through the tooltip card itself. This way he will be able to activate all the important customer accounts and also change the status to Approach immediately so as to note that those are the customers who need to be approached.

He can now use the option of manage territory from the Mass actions to assign the required territory to the customers that he wants to be approached.

Map Dynamics CRMHe can also assign this territory to a salesperson who will be responsible to meet all of them and convert them. Click here to know all the operations that he can perform using Mass actions. This way he is all sorted with the territory management to get started to penetrate in this new market segment and start the sales for his new branch.

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