With October 2018 release, we have focused on amplifying managerial analytical and decision-making powers sharply. By introducing multiple features with this major release of Maplytics – your one-stop mapping tool – our prime goal has been to empower the Managers in a way that makes their abilities increase in multifold. In our previous releases we concentrated on making the life of Field Sales/Service Reps easier by optimizing routes.

In this release features like enhancements in Heat Map, Overlay layer, Auto-Scheduling, Territory Management and others are introduced. As we have already discussed the functional aspects of the features of October release, you must be well aware of it by now. These features are extremely intelligent solutions to most of your mapping needs within Dynamics CRM.

In this post, we are going to cover Territory management and how it enhances your market presence and helps you organize business markets by geographical area. Its balanced distribution of territories leads to an increase in sales and leverages your business’s ROI. Territory Management has been introduced only in our recent releases but has gained immense popularity in a short span of time. We can claim this by the inability to count the number of queries we have received for it by far, yes it is that big! In order to learn more, here is the link how to create new territories and align existing territories existing territories using Territory Management.

Let’s have an understanding of how Territory Management augments your sales within Dynamics 365 CRM and builds your market awareness.

Here are a few bullets on the advantages of territory management and its wide scope within Dynamics 365 CRM using Maplytics:

Balance Territories

Balancing territories is of utmost importance for appropriate workload distribution. When there is balanced distribution of workload then all accounts and leads are chased with full potency and every field rep works to his utmost capacity.

For instance, let’s say a Sales Rep Tony has been assigned a large territory. In order to attend each customer of the territory he has to be proactive and wind up each meeting within a limited span of time by always being on his toes. This might leave the customer dissatisfied, as they may be attended for too little time and lead them to switch to another service provider.

Similarly, when there is too wide time allocation to the sales rep, they might spend a lot of it on each customer therefore increasing the cost to company. In this scenario, the sales rep will be able to chase too few leads and prospects. Thus, he would not be able to generate profit for the organization.

In both of the above cases there is loss of sales.

Target Sales potential geographies

Once you have recorded the data of current customers, prospective customers and their geographical location, you can create an insight in that data within Dynamics 365 by plotting it on map. In Dynamics 365 CRM, you can have a unified view of how a territory can perform by keeping statistics of sales performance report in hand and plotting and viewing it on map by creating and aligning territories. If a territory is not performing well you can train the Sales Rep or assign the territory to someone else. Plotting your data on map also provides a granular view of each region or geography individually using summary card.

Counteract Market Changes or Sales rep turnover

When there is any alteration in market structure or change in Sales Rep, there is a disruption in customer relations. You can prevent this loss of relations by aligning territories immediately when there is a change using powerful Territory Management feature. This enables Sales Manager to start planning how to realign the territories by taking informed decisions within Dynamics 365 CRM and distribute territories accordingly to existing sales reps.

Increase cohesion between Sales team

Sales reps are one of the most significant assets of an organization. When you have distributed territories you can easily train and hone the sales reps with minimal cost and time, enabling them to have better vision of territories allotted to them within Dynamics 365 CRM. This can help them achieve maximum momentum immediately after their onboarding. Optimized distribution of workload gives equal opportunity to each sales rep which empowers them by providing a better shot at displaying optimum performance and generating increased sales within Dynamics 365. This leads to healthy competition and increases the overall competency of the team.

Thus, we have seen four prominent ways in which Territory Management enhances your business and provides deeper insights. We have just touched the tip of the ice-berg so, delve deeper, brainstorm and explore the range of possibilities you can have with proper planning and management of Territories using our tool Maplytics.

Leave your comments and feedback for us to know you better and serve you even in a more brilliant way in future!

In case you have not downloaded the solution yet, what are you waiting for, here is the link. You can also download it from Microsoft AppSource.

Keep mapping, Ciao!