Entities are like the building blocks of the Dynamics 365 framework. Users use entities to design and manage their CRM data. Dynamics 365 comes with many OOB entities like Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, etc. and provides the flexibility to create custom entities for different business needs. For seamless integration with MS Dynamics CRM, it is crucial for users to perform mapping of these entities with their apps for Dynamics 365.

Maplytics™ is an app, which makes the process of mapping Dynamics 365/CRM entities a breeze! Maplytics supports both OOB and custom entities in Dynamics CRM and provides additional capabilities to integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365!

Let us walk you through the process of setting up Entity Map in Maplytics:

Once you have mapped the required OOB or Custom entities using Entity Map, you are now ready to unlock the power of Maps within your Dynamics CRM using Maplytics.