Maplytics has worked relentlessly to bring locational intelligence into the hands of every organization having a locational component in their business. We discovered that since 80% of all global businesses are known to already have a locational component in their business, the potential to benefit from a geo-analytical tool like Maplytics is of unmatched value!

What happens when Maplytics, Microsoft’s Preferred Solution, is used by organizations?

Testimonials like these:

“From the first correspondence, my experience with the Maplytics team has been a pleasure. The Maplytics Team is friendly, knowledgeable and responsive, and they were committed to ensuring their tool met my business needs.

In summary – Big fan of Maplytics Area of Service!Increased visibility with zero extra effort added.Measurable value in less than a week.

– Abby Torres, Director of IT at ReEmployAbility

Testimonials like this one validate our hard word and reaffirm our belief in what we do and how we add immense value to organizations to make a significant difference!

In this blog, we are going to see one of our clients from the insurance industry that used Maplytics to save their precious time and effort while optimizing their operations.

ReEmployAbility – simple, fast, safe return-to-work solutions

Who is ReEmployAbility and what do they do?

ReEmployAbility is a community pillar that provides simple, fast, safe return-to-work solutions that help control the rising costs of worker’s compensation and non-occupational disability while positively influencing the lives of injured workers nation-wide.

They have a proprietary return to work program –Transition2Work that offers employers a cost-effective solution for modified light duty assignments. They also help reduce workers’ compensation and non-occupational disability claim costs while giving the injured worker time to heal. The Transition2Work program utilizes local not-for-profit partners to find light-duty opportunities, benefitting injured worker’s community and local philanthropic goals.

Specialties: Worker’s Compensation, Disability Solutions, transitional employment.

What was their challenge in business?

ReEmployAbility required a robust mapping solution to help map the most efficient route to marketing and travel, plot and expand their national not-for-profit database, and most importantly, map the most efficient route to light-duty assignments for the injured workers in our program.

“We are committed to securing light duty assignments that are close to the injured workers’ home and comparable to their normal daily commute. A reliable mapping solution is an integral part of our return to work program process.”

How did Maplytics help?

Maplytics came in as the perfect missing piece in ReEmployAbility’s business puzzle! Maplytics provided a convenient and powerful solution to create Automated Schedules for their on-field agents. These routes are optimized for the most efficient time and cost usage.  Also, Area of Service feature increased their customer’s visibility in a specified area. This saved a considerable amount of time by optimizing the time between finding and approaching customers.

Moreover, features such as automated driving directions, using Google or Waze for easy turn-by-turn directions, and using custom icons based on record criteria, were the most value-adding features for the ReEmployAbility team to tackle their business challenge.

So in summation, Maplytics helped the ReEmployAbility team to deliver the best possible outcomes efficiently and accurately for their customers!

Their thoughts on the solution provided?

Here’s what they thought about the solution –“Maplytics Area of Service has increased visibility with zero extra effort added measurable value in less than a week. The smart features in the Maplytics tool have made our search process faster and easier for users, saving hours of employee time each week in both our Operations and Sales departments.”

You can read more about Area of Service, Auto Scheduling, radius search, and map navigation using GPS features to understand why and how Maplytics is a specialist in expediting and automating business processes.

So by using the arsenal of Maplytics features according to their requirements, backed by the technical guidance and insightful support of our team, ReEmployAbility revamped their business operations by adding Maplytics to their business.

You too can gain the competitive edge and optimize your business by trying a free 15 day trial from the Maplytics website or the Microsoft AppSource. You can also get a demo by sending us an email at

Till our next success story, this is Maplytics – mapping customer satisfaction!