Maplytics has long provided features that innovate the way marketing and sales approach their field service. Territory Management is a leading example in defining Sales Territories by using Maplytic’s geo-analytical tool for Dynamics 365. These innovations and new-age thinking have led Maplytics to earn the prestigious Preferred Solution badge on Microsoft Appsource.

With constant efforts to improve user experience we have created exciting new features for Auto Scheduling, Detail Map control, Security Template, and much more in the upcoming release!

Coming to one of our user’s most favorite feature, Territory Management in Maplytics empowers Sales Managers to easily create territories using a simple UI that allows them to assign, manage, and navigate their field reps with ease and efficiency. Now, our Maplytics team is adding additional advancements to this feature of Territory Management in its new upcoming release. You will see the following new features.

  1. Auto Territory Creation
  2. Draft Territories

Here’s what they do and how they will help you in your daily business operations.

Auto Territory creation

Managers can now offload their territory management responsibility to Maplytics by using this new feature of Automated Territory Creation. They can simply upload shape/excel files on the map, plot the required records and then set the number of territories they want to create automatically.

This will calculate the number of records falling into the regions plotted on the map and distribute them to create the specified number of balanced territories.

They can set names and colors for territories, and also assign users as the managers for the territories as per the requirements. Once they set this, they can choose to create these processed territories into CRM to let their field reps start using them. They can plot these territories on the map, understand the clients they are responsible for and carry out their tasks.

Territory management Auto create and draft territories

Draft territories

Territory Management will now allow users to save their progress while working on the territories. Once managers have started their territory creation process, they can save their progress as a draft and come back later to pick up where they left off. This allows a seamless territory creation process even if they have to pause while working on territories.

After saving a draft, they will be able to simply plot the drafted territories saved in CRM and rework on them. Managers can further take the opinion of their colleagues or superiors on the drafted territories and decide how to proceed on the same. Further, they can choose to save it again as a draft with the updates or create the respective territories in the CRM.

Auto-Create and Draft territory features

Our team has been constantly seeking to improve the way users create, assign, and manage their field reps, therefore, this feature is aiming to simplify the process of territory creation. These powerful feature advancements are bound to make your territory creation process productive, effortless as well as convenient. While Auto Territory Creation will add a quicker and struggle free creation process, drafting territories will save you from the trouble of losing any work.

If you wish to see these Territory Management features in action for your CRM data with a live demonstration, we can do that for you if you simply drop us an email at