Yes, you heard it right, we are coming soon with another Maplytics Release. Thank you as always to our Partners and End user Clients with their feedback. And Maplytics, the #1 Geo-Mapping app for Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps), has been giving its 100% to satisfy the needs of its users. And this year, after multiple major releases, Maplytics (Microsoft AppSource preferred app) is back again with another release that will set your Geo-mapping experience on another level. In this new release, we have focused on improving the visualization experience, tracking of field professionals, and helping users to flawlessly execute business activities right from the map. Let’s have a look at the highlights of the upcoming  release of Maplytics:

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking of Field Sales and Field Service Reps is vital for any organization to manage and deliver on their objectives. Maplytics has been providing the option of real-time tracking to its customers in Field Service industry, now the feature will be extended to all the modules of CRM with the new release. This feature will help sales managers to keep track of Field Reps when they are out on field in real-time. Further, the managers can keep an eye on the history of locations visited and the routes taken by Field Reps and thereafter work out their future appointment planning using Maplytics accordingly.

Multi Search in PCF

PCF control helps users to perform Maplytics features on the CRM page itself. Users are able to perform multiple Maplytics actions within the map using Detail map control. Now, with the upcoming release of Maplytics, users will be able to perform multi-search in PCF. Users will be able to perform multiple search options like by region, by drawing, etc. altogether at once on the same map using multi searchability. This will help users to plot and analyse multiple data in map on the CRM page without switching to another page.

Multiple Proximities in PCF

Proximity Search is one of the most popular features of Maplytics. Proximity Search feature allows users to gain locational awareness of the nearby CRM records. Keeping in view the needs of our users, Maplytics will provide the ability to perform multiple proximity searches in PCF in its upcoming release. This enhancement will help users to find nearby customers and prospects within specified radii from different locations all at once.

View Image on Hover

Enhancing the data visualization process further, Maplytics users can now view the image of a record on hover and in tooltip card. Users will also be able to zoom in the image shown on the tooltip card for the CRM record. This feature will help the Dynamics 365 users to easily recognize their CRM records while navigating on the map with the help of image shown on the map.

Route to a Record

We will be adding another exciting feature in Maplytics ‘Route to a record’ in our upcoming release. This feature will help Sales Reps to directly plot route from their current location to a record’s location. If the Reps don’t have a route already assigned to meet the client or if they want to go directly to a client’s location, they can directly open the client’s record and see the route from their current location to the record’s location. This feature will help them to save time and reach the client location quickly. Further, they can use other detail map features like proximity search, along the route, etc. within the same map to enhance their plan for the day.

View Templates on Dashboard

Maplytics users presently have the option to plot data on map based on a particular search criterion and save it as a template. This feature of Maplytics has been of a great utility for the users who need to view the resultant data from the same search frequently as it allows the users to avoid performing the same search every time. Maplytics is going to further enhance its user-friendliness and with the upcoming release, users will now be able to add templates in dashboards itself to visualize all at a glance. Further, while viewing the template on the dashboard they can further perform Maplytics actions to enhance their analysis in a more smarter way. This feature will help users to quickly monitor their business by looking at opportunities, appointments created for the team or productivity from territories all in a glance within the dashboard. Moreover, the sales team can add templates in dashboard to review and enhance their to-do list from time to time.

These new features and enhancements of the upcoming release will give more capabilities to the users meeting their clients on the field as well as the managers monitoring them or analysing the business.

This is just a sneak peek of the upcoming release. Know more about these features by following our website.

Try Maplytics today, download it from our website or Microsoft AppSource. You can also contact for a free one-on-one demo or discuss any of your location intelligence requirement within Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (PowerApps).