A rolling stone gathers no moss, similarly, a timely upgraded tool doesn’t stagnate growth. This is the driving philosophy adopted by Team Maplytics which presents an upgraded solution every few months. The upcoming release of Fall 2023 is on its way and has some intriguing additions and updates.

The forthcoming Webinar is planned to discuss what is new and exciting with the Fall 2023 Release. Let’s have a look.

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Webinar: Ease Field Service Operations with Advanced Auto Scheduling, PCF- Detail Map Control, and more with Maplytics Fall 2023 Release


September 28, 2023, Thursday | 4 PM AEST & 11 AM EDT

In this Webinar, let us explore the following additions together –

  1. Frequency Detail-based Auto Scheduling- Include client availability and plan meetings accordingly
  2. Multiple Routing- Visualize multiple routes together on a map
  3. Smart Route- Add/remove waypoints from saved routes & optimize them
  4. Map My Current Location- map the GPS location of the User as the current location
  5. Favourites- add frequently used locations to favorites for quick plotting
  6. Advanced Shape File Operations– plot required data within overlapping regions of multiple searches
  7. Search by Template- search records based on saved templates

& a lot more

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This Webinar is part of a week-long Webinar Marathon series from 25th – 29th Sep, 2023 of our new apps/releases which will be showcased at October conferences – Microsoft Power Platform Conference Booth 102 and Community Summit Booth 1429.

Product on Display

25th Sep 2023

Business Process Checklist– Microsoft Playbooks Deprecation – Introducing Business Process Checklist to Create Scalable Sales Processes

26th Sep 2023

DeDupeD – Data hygiene app to detect, prevent, and merge duplicate records in Dynamics 365 CRM

27th Sep 2023

WhatsApp4Dynamics – WhatsApp Integration with Dynamics 365 CRM – A powerful tool for customer engagement!

28th Sep 2023

Maplytics – Maplytics Fall 2023 Release – Advanced Auto Scheduling, PCF-Detail Map Control & more

29th Sep 2023

SharePoint Security Sync – Resolve SharePoint Document Library Limit & more with SharePoint Security Sync’s new release!

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