With a steady rise in the number of mobile internet users, the way we do business has changed. Mobile users have tasted the benefits of fast internet and quick access to data because of mobile and they expect the same from Salespersons. Salespersons are out on the field most of the time, travelling and meeting customers. They need to be able to get real-time data whenever its needed. Their on-the-go time need to be more productive to achieve their sales goals. To get a mobile-first experience when on field, Salespersons need to adopt a mobile CRM strategy. But having a mobile CRM is not sufficient in today’s competitive market. And to cater to this need, Microsoft has released a new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app which will help core field sellers in optimizing their sales experience.

We at Maplytics, a 5 starred Microsoft AppSource Preferred app, as a part of our commitment to provide the best sales experience and help sellers focus on their selling, have made Maplytics available on Dynamics 365 Sales mobile App as well. Yes, you heard it right, with the benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app and Maplytics together., you can now also perform geo-mapping and become locationally intelligent right from your mobile or tablet.

To access Maplytics in your handheld Android or iOS device, you need to first download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app. After downloading it from the store, sign in using your Microsoft CRM account in which you have Microsoft activated. From the Sales App home page, go to the Apps section and click on Maplytics.

As a salesperson, your day-to-day activities starts with accessing the route assigned to you by your Sales manager. Maplytics with its intuitive dashboards, allows you to access the assigned route and plot it right from the dashboard. If you want to edit/update the route, you can open the route from the Detail Map.

Detail Map feature of Maplytics allows you to perform many actions which will help you while on field. Below are some of the detail map features that can help you in real time adjustments and insights while on filed.

Concentric Proximity Search

By entering the radius separated by commas, either in miles or in kilometres, you can perform 3 proximity searches at one time.

Optimized Routing

With the help of Direction card’ feature in Maplytics, you can select different options to reduce time, avoid tolls, highways and traffics if needed, etc., by clicking on the options button.

Along the Route Search

If you want to search records that fall in the defined proximity along the route, you can do so with the help of this feature.

Point of Interest Locations

Maplytics allows you to search for any geo-tagged locations called points of interests (POI) like ATMs, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, gas stations, etc., near a specified location if required while on field.

Apart from all these features, you can also get turn-by-turn direction to your scheduled meetings, save the routes, perform quick actions like sending emails, saving notes, etc., in Maplytics Mobile App with ease.

Also, with the help of Maplytics mobile app, sales persons when on field can perform check-in and check-out when they arrive at their meeting location thereby letting the manager know of their status and more.

Maplytics Mobile app also allows you to access the Heat Map to visualize data based on different measures such as annual revenue, credit limit and much more. With the help of Pie charts and column charts, make strategic decisions for your organizations right from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile app.

Not limited to these features, Maplytics when used with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, will help sales persons in getting the most out of their field trips.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the mobile sales app and get started with Maplytics! Maplytics also works in Dynamics CRM mobile app and Power Apps mobile app and to know more on the same, head on to our Maplytics on Mobile Video.

Want to get a personalized demo on your geo-mapping requirements? Drop us a mail at crm@inogic.com and we will be happy to assist you.