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SuperSalesRep – Sales Reps with Super Powers of Maplytics (Part 3)

June 15, 2017

Map Dynamics CRM - Maplytics

In the previous blog of the SuperSalesReps Series, we saw how Sam used Maplytics to create an optimized route for his appointments to become super-efficient and productive.

With the Super Powers of Maplytics, he was able to create optimized route thereby saving time, efforts and fuel required to visit the clients.

But what will Sam do if one of his appointments gets canceled?

In this blog, we will see how he can use Maplytics in the case of a canceled appointment to quickly schedule a meeting with a nearby client.

The Super Power of Proximity Search!

Sam is already on his way to visit the customers. However, one of his appointment is canceled at the last moment.

He had already faced this issue numerous times before and always ended up with under-utilized time at hand.

Now, with the Super Powers of Maplytics, Sam knows that a canceled appointment is not lost time but an opportunity to schedule an impromptu meeting with prospects in the nearby region and make the most of the field visit to the territory!

He quickly sets the location of his canceled appointment as his current location and performs a Proximity Search with Maplytics to plot nearby clients. He further filters them based on their Annual Revenue.


He then decides the client he wants to meet and clicks on the pushpin to open the tooltip card. He then calls up the client and schedules a meeting all without leaving the Detail Map screen!


After that, Sam adds the new appointment to the existing route and deletes the canceled appointment from his route. He then clicks on ‘Go’ and gets an optimized route with the new impromptu meeting included.


By doing so, he efficiently utilizes the time he would have otherwise lost.

Maplytics empowered Sam to be a SuperSalesRep, and it can do the same for you! 🙂

Maplytics™ is a leading and one of the first geo-analytical mapping apps to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD).

Maplytics offers powerful features like Appointment Planning, Route Planning & Optimization, Radius Search, Territory Management, Heat Maps and more to take your MS Dynamics CRM visualization to an entirely new level! Maplytics also offers multi-language compatibility, currently supporting English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Get your free TRIAL today from our Website or Microsoft AppSource!

Happy Mapping!

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