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Maplytics: Comprehensive | Intuitive | Agile | Scalable

Geocode Data

Maplytics helps you get geo data (latitude, longitude) from address fields in Dynamics CRM/365

Map CRM Data

A tool which gives the flexibility to search leads anywhere across the map even through freehand shapes

Radius Search

Play smart and stay productive by searching nearby accounts through Maplytics

Appointment Planner

Stay organized as Maplytics radically simplifies the process of planning appointments on the go

Nearby Places

Be it an airport, a gas station, a coffee shop or something else, Maplytics helps to find nearby places in a fraction of a minute

Route Optimization

Be ahead in the competitive world to promote and deliver services to more clients within less time with optimized routes

Analytical Dashboard

Understand market geography better through analytics and visual representation of Dynamics 365 data on a map

Heat Maps

Make smarter decisions and create powerful insights through visual representation of MS Dynamics CRM data on a map

Why Choose Maplytics

Top 6 reasons why Maplytics is your perfect comrade for a smart and holistic Mapping solution

  • Never Miss any appointment

    Appointments are one of the most important pillars of Sales and Service, and it is...

  • Nearby Places

    For Sales Teams to ensure customer satisfaction in the territory, it is of utmost importance to...


Maplytics Compatibility

Complete compatibility

Maplytics is truly a flexible and hassle-free solution. The Geo-Analytics tool is CfMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365) & is natively built inside Dynamics 365 environment. It provides seamless integration of Bing Maps with MS Dynamics CRM/365 empowering professionals to navigate in style.

Compatible with MS Dynamics CRM 2013 and above. These could be Online, On-Premises or Partner-hosted deployment.
Besides desktop and laptops, Maplytics is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10 Tablets.

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They talk about Maplytics

  • Profile

    Maplytics’s ability to plot out data points on a map and see how they relate to other sources is fantastic. It is like google maps but with your Account and Contact records. Maplytics helps us identify the closest distributor quickly...

    Ed Bustos http://www.profileproducts.com
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  • Donaldson

    Inogic provided fast response to all of our suggestions and improved the product based on these suggestions in subsequent releases. They quickly found a solution for our unique security scenario that was preventing us from using the tool initially. We...

    Alicia Loslihttp://www.donaldson.com
    Read more
  • Hitachimed

    After reviewing many CRM mapping add-ons we settled on Inogic’s Maplytics solution. Their solution had as much and even more to offer than many similar solutions at a much higher cost. The Inogic team has been extremely responsive to any...

    Mr. Bob Jaggerhttp://www.hitachimed.com
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