“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali

To explain things philosophically, we are born on Earth for a while. While we live, we consume Earth’s resources to survive, learn, profit, and succeed! So, to keep the cycle of life smooth such that somebody like us also gets to enjoy the offerings of Earth, we need to give back to society. It is like the unaccounted rent that should be morally paid back!

Over the years, Inogic, the parent company of Maplytics has been giving back in the form of support, knowledge, financial benefits, time, and so on! The major forms of contributing to the society have been-

  1. Technical Query Resolution and Solution Offering
  2. Blogging and Curation of techno-functional Articles
  3. Associating with Non- Profit Organizations

Let us explore each of them.

Technical Query Resolution and Solution Offering

It is easy to know a lot of things but impossible to know everything about all those things. CRM users come up with many problem statements that need advanced solutions. Sometimes, the solutions are simple however, the user is unaware. Such questions are often demanded solutions to at Community Forums and Websites such as Quora, LinkedIn, etc.

Our team takes pride in helping out with the queries that we have solutions, too. Sometimes, our team has faced similar situations and has discovered a unique answer that we provide. Other times, we offer solutions suggested by somebody in the community that we have improvised on and successfully applied. It gives a feeling of loving thy neighbors and is fulfilling!

Blogging and Curation of techno-functional Articles

Technology is evolving at light speed and affecting our professional and personal lives. It is important to be atop technology but being a know-it-all and being at the top of everything is not possible! Hence, when we come across new trends, we study them, assimilate the knowledge, and apply it in our environments creating scenarios. When we come across technical dead blocks, we create them into case studies and explain the solutions that could be used by users in similar situations. We believe in learning from the material offered by the experts in the community.

This gathered information and experience is strung together in the form of blogs, articles, newsletters, guest blogs, and more. All of them are published on company, community, and guest websites or shared personally with the clients. It is easy to keep the information and knowledge guarded as a personal achievement, but it opens up the scope for discussion and knowledge enhancement when shared with people with similar interests. We also utilize information shared by other community members for our benefit or problem-solving.

Associating with Non- Profit Organizations

As mentioned earlier, giving back to this society, and community we survive in, use resources of, and succeed in, is the ultimate duty of every human and business!

Team Inogic – Maplytics follows this principle wholeheartedly and not only gives during the special season but throughout the year. Helping the team members in need and local people and businesses is a regular feat. Going beyond this, Inogic contributes its services and extends its support to non-profits such as Anarde Foundation, India which is on a mission to develop villages holistically, implementing sustainable solutions and thus giving people a reason to continue to live in the villages. They mainly focus on Water Management, Conservation, and Supply, Low-Cost Infrastructure and Sanitation, Financial Inclusion, Skill Development, etc. Inogic recently sponsored its ‘Clean Drinking Water Project’ using Ultrafiltration Technology for villages and schools in the Raigad District of Maharashtra.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Maplytics is a geo-mapping partner for the Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund. The organization is a nonprofit society that consists of passionate animal lovers. The funds from this campaign are used to set up mobile clinics that sterilize, vaccinate, and microchip dogs and cats in Ukraine.

One of the prime features of Maplytics that is most helpful is the plotting of mapped CRM data over the map. Several animal shelters rescue the animals caught off guard and rendered homeless during wartime. These shelters are responsible for the day-to-day food supplies, medicines, treatments, and other facilities of the rescued animals. With Maplytics, the organization plots the details of these shelters from the CRM records on the map. Once the records have been plotted, the shelters that need a fresh supply of animal food, medicines, and other supplies can be filtered out and visualized. Thus, it becomes easy for the volunteers at the NGO to reach the right shelters in need and aid them with the requirements. Here is an entire Success Story explaining the same!

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” – Immanuel Kant

Another partner in giving is the Karta Initiative. They work with the youth from underprivileged and marginalized communities in the remote rural parts of India to enable them to become active citizens. They offer support to young people from social-emotional well-being, life choices, career- choices, critical thinking, and university preparation, to scholarship and mentorship, etc. The Team feels proud to be associated with these amazing people running such benevolent organizations and contributing towards the country’s future. The aim in 2024 also is to be more grateful and give back even more!

More power to all and let us grow the community to greater heights!

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” – Albert Pine

To get more acquainted and experience Maplytics and its locational genius first-hand, write to crm@inogic.com To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

Until then,

Happy Helping!