Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund, the nonprofit society uses Maplytics to trace and plot the shelters that rescue the animals rendered homeless during the War and trace their needs for food, medicine, or other supplies!

Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund Success Stories

Your Maplytics technology is a hit on our Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund site. It helps volunteers find animal shelters in Ukraine that need food/meds/supplies. I hope others see the usefulness of your technology!

– Dan Fine, Managing Director, Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund

About Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund:

Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund is a nonprofit society that consists of passionate animal lovers. The funds from this campaign are used to set up mobile clinics that sterilize, vaccinate and microchip dogs and cats in Ukraine. In addition, UWARF makes direct purchases, or reimbursement of purchases by volunteers, of pet or animal food and medical items, and other purchases made on behalf of the teams on the ground, such as animal medicine, security gear, gas, vehicle repair, and other necessities to aid Ukrainian animals. 

Industry: Non-profit Organizations

Specialties: Deliver medicine, supplies, and food to shelters for abandoned Ukrainian animals, rescue and catalog abandoned animals left in dangerous situations, and provide visibility to shelters/group homes, drivers, warehouses, etc. The organization also sterilizes, microchips, and vaccinates dogs and cats for their safety.

  • Finding the animal shelters in Ukraine that need food, medicines, and other supplies for the rescued and injured animals.

  • Maplytics is an advanced mapping and data visualization tool that provides seamless integration of maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. One of the prime features of Maplytics that is being helpful for the Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund is the plotting of mapped CRM data over the map.

  • Several animal shelters rescue the animals caught off guard and rendered homeless during wartime. These shelters are responsible for the day-to-day food supplies, medicines, treatments, and other facilities of the rescued animals.

  • Funding and donation are extremely essential for these shelters apart in order to fulfill their responsibilities towards the animals. Using Maplytics, the Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund plots the details of these shelters from the CRM records on the map.

  • Once the records have been plotted, the shelters that need a fresh supply of animal food, medicines, and other supplies can be filtered out and visualized. Thus, it becomes easy for the volunteers at the NGO to reach the right shelters in need and aid them with the requirements.

The NGO is-

  • sterilizing, vaccinating, and microchipping Ukrainian animals
  • finding new homes for the abandoned cats and dogs,
  • provides visibility to shelters/group homes, drivers, warehouses,
  • allows shelters to request an inventory of food, medicine, and supplies,
  • permits drivers to verify that a delivery has been made to shelters and get a Paypal transaction for fuel, lodging, and food,
  • lets drivers verify the shelters’ number of animals to reduce corruption and fraud in the future


Maplytics with its unique features has a plethora of potential applications in all of these plans.

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