We have been exploring in our recent posts how your favourite Maps integration app within Dynamics 365 CRM i.e., Maplytics has been innovating with new features like Real-Time location tracking of Fields Reps, Land area mapping, Advanced Territory Management in May 2021 Release. Also, in our last post Maplytics on mobile, we saw how many of these enhancements can be a big boon for the field reps while on the field.

With our existing feature of Check-in, our users can register their arrival and departure of their meeting locations. When they reach the location of the client they are going to meet, they can check-in and after completion of their meeting, while they are leaving the location, they can check out. This makes it easier for the managers to track the activity of the field reps on the field.

While meetings are one of the most fruitful ways of converting prospects into customers, it’s always a good habit to keep a note of minutes of meeting for each of the meetings attended by the field reps. This helps the sales rep to keep a track of all the requirements of the customers to cater to them in the best manner.

With the feature of Check-in, we have now added the ability to add some notes and attachments as well in our latest May 2021 release. Let’s check how it helps sales rep to facilitate their sales activities with an example.

Alpha Medequips is an organization that provides medical equipment for clinics, diagnostics and health centres, and even the patients. Their sales rep goes to the field to meet the concerned people at health centres or patients. They demonstrate their equipment and talk to the clients to understand their needs and sell them the equipment. Raphael is a sales executive at Alpha Medequips and his daily routine is to follow the route that he has created using Maplytics and meet the respective clients throughout the day. While he meets the clients, he writes the minutes of meetings or important pointers into a note to save it into the CRM record. Once he completes the meetings, he opens the CRM records and adds the notes to the record manually.

After upgrading Maplytics with the new May 2021 release, their admins have enabled the new option to let the users add notes and attachments to the record for which the field reps are checking out.

To enable this option, admins can go to Map Configuration Details > Default Configuration Detail Record > Check-In tab > Enable Notes on Check-In / Enable Notes on Check-Out.

There are three options to select:

  1. Disable: This will disable the option to add notes while Checking-In or Checking-out.
  2. Optional: The user is shown the pop-up for notes but they can check-in or check-out without adding the notes.
  3. Mandatory: The user must add notes while checking in or checking out.

Field Reps can add meeting notes or attachments while Check-in/out in Dynamics 365 CRM

The admins at Alpha Medequips have enabled this option for check-out and kept it optional so that the field reps can add the notes only when required. Now, with the upgraded solution, when Raphael goes to a client for a meeting, he checks-in and after finishing the meeting he checks-out. Here, he can now see a new option to add notes or attachments for the respective client’s record. He puts in the notes for his meeting today and also attaches the file with the details of the order from the client in advance.

Field Reps can add meeting notes or attachments while Check-in/out within Dynamics 365 CRM

Raphael can later go to the respective CRM record of the client to see the notes and attachments within the timeline of the Activities.

Field Reps can add meeting notes or attachments while Check-in/out within Dynamics 365 CRM

This way it becomes quick and easy to add the notes & attachment to the client’s CRM record, right on Check-in/out. The sales rep can note all the needs of a client easily and also keep a track of their progress with the client, that will help them to follow up with the clients and sell them their required equipment, and fulfill their sales targets.

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